About me

Hello and welcome to AMT Corp! I’m Sailaja, the passionate blogger, content creator and digital marketing agency owner behind this platform. AMT stands for Advanced Media & Technology – and as the name suggests, we’re dedicated to delivering reliable and engaging content across a diverse range of topics.

As a busy mom of two beautiful kids and entrepreneur based in Maharashtra, India, I created AMT Corp specifically as an outlet to share my knowledge and life experiences in a way that educates, informs and hopefully, inspires others too. With wide-ranging interests including parenting, family life, women’s lifestyle topics as well as small business tips and the latest tech trends, I approach each blog post, video or podcast episode with great care and attention to detail. My ultimate goal is to create content that makes a difference – even if in small ways – for those who engage with it.

Beyond running AMTCorp.org and my digital marketing agency, a few other things about me personally:sailaja

I’m an avid learner for life – I love taking online courses, reading non-fiction books across topics like self-help, spirituality, writing skills and more recently – all things related to running an online business successfully. I also listen to podcasts whenever I can. Continually expanding my knowledge across new topics or diving deeper into existing interests is what really fuels my soul!

Creativity is essential for me too. Whether it’s taking on a new writing project, experimenting with recipes in the kitchen, creating personalized gifts and memory books for loved ones or simply doing arts/crafts activities with my kids – I feel most centered when I’m able to ideate, design and produce something unique from scratch.

I’m hugely passionate about my own personal growth journey as well. I invest time each morning into yoga, meditation and journaling practices to set myself up for success. Finding pockets of time for myself amidst my busy schedule to reflect inwards and focus on continued self-improvement across all life domains is truly top priority.

Some of my other favorite activities during my limited downtime include: baking up a storm in the kitchen and sharing my creations with family and friends; enjoying music concerts/performances when I can; spending time outdoors in nature as much as possible and having deep conversations that inspire positive change with my loved ones.

On the family front

My husband works in the field of Information Technology and shares my love for continual learning. We spend our free time having intellectually stimulating conversations over a cup of chai on wide-ranging topics including philosophy, human psychology, technological innovations and more.

My seven-year old daughter is a bundle of creative energy who keeps me on my toes daily with her innocent candor and imaginative stories. My three-year old son is sweet and sensitive – he grounds me and reminds me to be more mindful as we go through our days together. Motherhood has been one of my most rewarding and transformational personal journeys thus far.

As AMT Corp continues to evolve, my goal is to showcase more of my multi-faceted passions, knowledge and experiences through helpful, well-researched content across the site, social media channels and via email subscribers.

I’m so glad you found me here today! Please don’t hesitate to reach out and connect further. I love engaging with my growing community of readers and content creation partners. Every message inspires me to keep going on this fulfilling blogging journey that I’m still very early into. I hope you’ll stick around and come along for what’s sure to be an exciting ride ahead!