69th National Film Awards – 2023 | Award Winners List

69th National Film Awards, 2023, India: The 69th National Film Awards, held in 2023, was a grand celebration of the best of Indian cinema. This prestigious event brought together the most talented filmmakers, actors, and technicians from across the country to honor their outstanding contributions to the industry. The awards recognized excellence in various categories, highlighting the diversity and depth of Indian cinema. From breathtaking performances to groundbreaking storytelling, the winners showcased the immense talent and creativity thriving in the Indian film industry.

Overview Of The 69th National Film Awards:

The 69th National Film Awards was a night to remember, as the entire film fraternity came together to celebrate the best of Indian cinema. The event honored the visionaries behind the camera and the brilliant performers who bring stories to life. With movies spanning different genres and languages, the awards represented the pinnacle of achievement in Indian cinema. It was an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into making a film.

The ceremony was a glittering affair, with celebrities dressed in their finest attire. It was a true showcase of the glamour and talent that define the Indian film industry. The audience was treated to mesmerizing performances and heartfelt speeches, making it an unforgettable night for everyone in attendance. As the winners graced the stage to receive their awards, their accomplishments were celebrated and recognized by their peers.

National Film Awards

Categories Of The 69th National Film Awards:

The 69th National Film Awards recognized excellence in various categories, including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Actress. These awards were highly coveted and represented the highest level of achievement in Indian cinema. The winners of these categories were individuals and films that had made a significant impact on audiences and critics alike.

In the category of Best Film, the award went to a thought-provoking drama that explored social issues with great sensitivity. The film’s powerful storytelling and exceptional performances struck a chord with audiences and received critical acclaim. The Best Director award was presented to a visionary filmmaker who pushed the boundaries of storytelling and brought a unique perspective to the screen.

The Best Actor and Best Actress awards were given to performers who delivered exceptional and memorable performances in their respective films. These actors showcased their versatility and talent, immersing themselves in their characters and bringing them to life. Their dedication and commitment to their craft were evident in every frame, leaving a lasting impact on audiences.

Winners List Of 69th National Film Awards:

  • Best Feature Film: Rocketry,
  • Best Director: Nikhil Mahajan, Godavari,
  • Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment: RRR,
  • Nargis Dutt Award for Best Feature Film on National Integration: The Kashmir Files,
  • Best Actor: Allu Arjun, Pushpa,
  • Best Actress: Alia Bhatt – Gangubhai Kathiawadi and Kriti sanon – Mimi,
  • Best Supporting Actress: Pallavi Joshi, The Kashmir Files,
  • Best Child Artist: Bhavin Rabari, Chhello Show,
  • Best Screenplay (Original): Shahi Kabir, Nayattu,
  • Best Screenplay (Adapted): Sanjay Leela Bhansali & Utkarshini Vashishtha, Gangubai Kathiawadi,
  • Best Music Director (Songs): Devi Sri Prasad, Pushpa,
  • Best Music Director (Background Music): MM Keeravani, RRR,
  • Best Male Playback Singer: Kaala Bhairava, RRR,
  • Best Female Playback Singer: Shreya Ghoshal, Iravin Nizhal,
  • Best Lyrics: Chandrabose, Konda Polam’s Dham Dham Dham,
  • Best Hindi Film: Sardar Udham,
  • Best Kannada Film: 777 Charlie,
  • Best Malayalam Film: Home,
  • Best Gujrathi Film: Chhello Show,
  • Best Tamil Film: Kadaisi Vivasayi,
  • Best Telugu Film: Uppena,
  • Best Maithili Film: Samanantar,
  • Best Mishing Film: Boomba Ride,
  • Best Marathi Film: Ekda Kaay Zala,
  • Best Bengali Film: Kalkokkho,
  • Best Assamese Film: Anur,
  • Best Meiteilon Film: Eikhoigi Yum,
  • Best Odiya Film: Pratikshya,
  • Indira Gandhi Award for Best Debut Film of a Director: Meppadiyan, Vishnu Mohan,
  • Best Film on Social Issues: Anunaad – The Resonance,
  • Best Film on Environment Conservation/Preservation: Aavasavyuham,
  • Best Children’s Film: Gandhi and Co,
  • Best Audiography(Location Sound Recordist): Arun Asok & Sonu K P, Chavittu,
  • Best Audiography(sound Designer): Aneesh Basu, Jhilli,
  • Best Audiography(Re-recordist of the final mixed track): Sinoy Joseph, Sardar Udham,
  • Best Choreography: Prem Rakshith, RRR,
  • Best Cinematography: Avik Mukhopadhayay, Sardar Udham,
  • Best Costume Designer: Veera Kapur Ee, Sardar Udham,
  • Best Special Effects: Srinivas Mohan, RRR,
  • Best Production Design: Dmitrii Malich and Mansi Dhruv Mehta, Sardar Udham,
  • Best Editing: Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Gangubai Kathiawadi,
  • Best Stunt Choreography: King Soloman, RRR,
  • Special Jury Award: Shershaah, Vishnuvardhan.

Impact Of The 69th National Film Awards On The Indian Film Industry:

The 69th National Film Awards had a significant impact on the Indian film industry. The recognition and accolades received by the winners boosted their careers and brought attention to their work. It also served as a validation of their talent and dedication to their craft.

For the films honored at the awards, the recognition translated into increased box office success and critical acclaim. The awards acted as a stamp of approval, attracting more viewers and generating positive word-of-mouth. This, in turn, contributed to the overall growth and development of the Indian film industry.

The awards also served as a source of inspiration for aspiring filmmakers and actors. It showcased the immense opportunities available in Indian cinema and motivated them to pursue their dreams. The success stories of the winners served as a reminder that hard work, perseverance, and talent can lead to recognition and success in the industry.

Previous National Film Awards And Their Significance:

The National Film Awards have a rich history and have been celebrating excellence in Indian cinema for several decades. Each year, these awards honor the best films, filmmakers, actors, and technicians, providing a platform to recognize their contributions to the industry.

The previous National Film Awards have been a testament to the evolving landscape of Indian cinema. They have showcased the diversity and depth of storytelling, pushing boundaries and redefining the notion of what constitutes a great film. The awards have also played a significant role in promoting regional cinema and highlighting the talent from different parts of the country.

The National Film Awards have become an integral part of the Indian film industry, serving as a benchmark for excellence. Winning these awards is not only a matter of pride for the recipients but also a validation of their talent and hard work.

Conclusion And Future Prospects For The National Film Awards In India:

The 69th National Film Awards celebrated the best of Indian cinema and showcased the immense talent and creativity thriving in the industry. The winners set a new standard for excellence, inspiring future generations of filmmakers, actors, and technicians.

As the Indian film industry continues to evolve, the National Film Awards will play a crucial role in recognizing and celebrating the achievements of the industry’s finest. These awards have become a symbol of prestige and honor and winning them is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the recipients.

The future prospects for the National Film Awards in India are bright. As the industry grows and diversifies, the awards will continue to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape. They will serve as a platform to discover and promote emerging talent, while also honoring the veterans who have made significant contributions to Indian cinema.

The National Film Awards will remain a celebration of the best of Indian cinema, a testament to the power of storytelling, and a reminder of the impact that films can have on society. They will continue to inspire, educate, and entertain audiences, ensuring that Indian cinema remains at the forefront of the global film industry.

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