Globe Soccer Awards Voting: Celebrating Football Excellence Worldwide

Globe Soccer Awards Voting: The Globe Soccer Awards is an annual event that celebrates international football excellence, recognizing the best players, coaches, and clubs in the world. The awards are highly anticipated, and fans play a crucial role in determining the winners through their votes. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the voting process, the categories, and the key contenders for the 2023 edition of the Globe Soccer Awards. So, let’s dive in and explore all the exciting details!

Voting Process – Globe Soccer Awards:

The voting process for the Globe Soccer Awards involves two significant components: public voting and Globe Soccer’s Official Jury voting. This dual approach ensures a fair evaluation of the nominees, incorporating both the voice of the public and the expertise of football industry figures.

  • Public Voting: The first phase of voting is open to fans worldwide. This phase allows fans to cast their votes for their favorite players, coaches, and clubs. The public voting period runs from November 21, 2023, to December 7, 2023. It is essential to consider the nominees’ performance throughout the entire year of 2023 when casting your votes.
  • Globe Soccer’s Official Jury Voting: After the public voting phase concludes, Globe Soccer’s Official Jury, comprising more than 30 key football industry figures, will cast their votes. The jury’s voting process takes into account the nominees’ performance over the course of 2023. The official jury’s vote carries significant weight, accounting for 75% of the final results, while the public vote contributes 25%.

Main Awards Categories – Globe Soccer Awards Voting:

The Globe Soccer Awards features an array of categories that honor various aspects of the football industry. Here are some of the main award categories to watch out for:

Best Men’s Player:

The Best Men’s Player award recognizes the most outstanding male football player of the year. The category features some of the biggest names in the sport, including ten members of Manchester City’s UEFA Champions League-winning squad, Bayern Munich’s Harry Kane, Real Madrid’s Jude Bellingham, and Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah. 

Best Women’s Player:

The Best Women’s Player award celebrates the exceptional talent of female football players. Among the nominees are Spain’s World Cup winner Aitana Bonmati, Chelsea’s Sam Kerr, and German great Alexandra Popp. The category showcases the incredible skill and dedication of women in the sport. 

Fan’s Favourite Player:

The Fan’s Favourite Player award gives football fans the opportunity to vote for their beloved player. This category allows fans to show their support and appreciation for the players who have captured their hearts and imaginations throughout the year. 

Best Men’s Club:

The Best Men’s Club award recognizes the achievements of football clubs in the men’s category. Manchester City, Napoli, Al Ahly, Al Ittihad, and Fluminense are among the notable nominees. This category showcases the excellence and success of clubs from different leagues around the world.

Best Women’s Club:

The Best Women’s Club award celebrates the accomplishments of football clubs in the women’s category. Barcelona, the Champions League holders, and Chelsea, six-time Women’s Super League champions, are among the contenders. This category highlights the growth and competitiveness of women’s football.

Power Horse Emerging Player:

The Power Horse Emerging Player award recognizes the rise of young talents in the football world. This category highlights the future stars of the sport who have shown great promise and potential in their performances.

Best Coach:

The Best Coach award acknowledges the exceptional leadership and tactical prowess of football coaches. Pep Guardiola, Manchester City’s treble-winning manager, leads the nominations, alongside Marcel Koller, who guided Al Ahly to a remarkable five-trophy clean sweep, and Carlo Ancelotti, the most decorated coach in UEFA Champions League history.

Best Midfielder:

The Best Midfielder award honors the creative playmakers and engine room of teams. This category recognizes the players who excel in controlling the game, dictating the tempo, and providing crucial assists. The nominees for this award represent the best midfield talents from around the world.

Goalkeeper Best:

The Best Goalkeeper award pays tribute to the last line of defense, the guardians of the net. This category features outstanding goalkeepers who have consistently displayed exceptional reflexes, shot-stopping abilities, and commanding presence in the penalty area.

Best Middle East Player:

In recognition of the growing influence of Middle Eastern football, the Best Middle East Player award has been introduced. This category features twelve players, including Cristiano Ronaldo, who has made a remarkable impact in the Saudi Pro League with Al Nassr.

Best Middle East Club:

The Best Middle East Club award showcases the achievements of clubs from the Middle East region. Al Hilal, Al Ahly, and Al Nassr are among the nominees in this category, reflecting the region’s rising prominence in the football landscape.

Digital Awards Categories:

In addition to the main awards, the Globe Soccer Awards also include digital award categories that celebrate the impact of online platforms on the football industry. Here are some of the digital award categories to watch out for:

Best Esports Player:

The Best Esports Player award recognizes the skill and achievements of professional football players in the virtual gaming world. This category showcases the growing popularity of esports and its integration into the football community.

Best Digital Journalist:

The Best Digital Journalist award acknowledges the contributions of journalists who cover football through various digital platforms. This category celebrates the individuals who provide insightful analysis, breaking news, and engaging content for football fans worldwide.

Social Media Influencer Best:

The Best Social Media Influencer award highlights the impact of social media personalities on the football community. This category recognizes individuals who use their online platforms to connect with fans, share exclusive content, and promote the beautiful game.

Best Video Creator:

The Best Video Creator award celebrates the creativity and storytelling skills of content creators who produce engaging football-related videos. This category showcases the diverse range of video content available to football fans, from match highlights to in-depth documentaries.

How To Vote For Globe Soccer Awards?

To cast your vote for the Globe Soccer Awards, you can visit the official voting website at During the public voting phase, which runs from November 21, 2023, to December 7, 2023, fans can select their preferred nominees in each category.

Once the public voting phase concludes, the shortlisted nominees will proceed to the second round, where both the official jury and the public will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite finalists. The final winners will be announced during the Globe Soccer Awards gala ceremony on January 19, 2024, in Dubai.

The Globe Soccer Awards provide fans with a unique opportunity to have their voices heard and actively participate in recognizing the best talent in the world of football. So make sure to cast your vote and support your favorite players, coaches, and clubs!

Conclusion – Globe Soccer Awards Voting:

The Globe Soccer Awards Voting is an exciting process that allows football fans from around the world to play a crucial role in recognizing the achievements of their favorite players, coaches, and clubs. With categories spanning from Best Men’s Player to Best Social Media Influencer, these awards celebrate the diverse aspects of the football industry. So don’t miss your chance to cast your vote and be a part of this prestigious event. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners during the gala ceremony on January 19, 2024, in Dubai. Let your voice be heard in the world of football!

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