RCH Portal Data Entry: Self- Registration, Login

RCH Portal Data Entry: full form of RCH is Reproductive and Child Health. The developers created this website to identify and track pregnant women and children for promoting, monitoring, and supporting Reproductive, Maternal, newborn, and Child Health (RMNCH). The government of India owns this website. The government of India developed many schemes and programs and provided them through this website.This website, crafted and managed by India’s National Informatics Center (NIC), facilitates self-registration for pregnant women and newborns, empowering parents to access various services and benefits seamlessly.

RCH Portal Data Entry: How To Login?

It is a website built and maintained by the Government of India. The people who want to use this website need to register first and create their credentials and then can log in to avail of the services on this website. So let us see the steps involved in the login procedure of the website:

  • Open the official website of RCH: https://rch.nhm.gov.in.
  • Then you can see the website’s homepage with different types of options.
  • On the top, you can see 6 options. Click on the “Data Entry” option.
  • It will display the login section on the webpage.

rch portal data entry login

  • Initially, it will ask you to select your state.
  • Then it will ask you to enter Username and Password.
  • Then you can find a security code displayed. Type that code as it is in the given space and click on the ‘Login’ button.
  • Then you will be taken to your profile on the Reproductive and Child Health website. Then you can use the services available on the website.


RCH Portal Data Entry For Pregnant Women: Self-Registration

  • Open the website https://rch.nhm.gov.in.
  • It will display the home page of the RCH(Reproductive and Child Health) Portal.
  • You can see different types of pieces of information displayed on the webpage. Scroll down and find the “Self-Registration” and click on that.

rch portal registration

  • Then it will give you two options to choose from. It asks you whether you are Registering as a pregnant woman or registering for your newborn kid.
  • If you are pregnant, click “New Registration’ in the “Register Pregnant Women” section.

rch portal pregnant data entry

  • Then it  will ask you to fill in the following details:
    • Personal details:
      • Name:
      • Husband Name:
      • Address:
      • Street/Locality:
      • Pincode:
      • Email Id:
    • Hierarchy:
      • State:
      • District:
      • Select Administrative Unit:
      • Select Village/Sub Center:
      • Health Facility:
      • ANM:
      • ANM Mobile Number:
    • Medical Information:
      • Last Menstrual Period(LMP) Date:
    • Authentication:
      • Enter Mobile Number:
      • Enter OTP:
      • Enter Captcha:
  • Enter all the details without mistakes. At last, enter your mobile number. An OTP will be sent to your mobile number. Enter that OTP in the given space on the webpage.
  • Then, after filling in all the details, Enter the Captcha given, and click on the ‘save’ button.
  • Not that it will validate your details and display a Pre-Registration Id, with which you can check the registration status. You will get notifications about the dates of availing the services of RCH during your Pregnancy. 

Self-Registration For Children: RCH Portal Data Entry 

  • Open the website https://rch.nhm.gov.in.
  • This will take you to the official website of Reproductive and Child Health.
  • Now scroll down the webpage. You can see the “Self-Registration” option on the right side of the webpage. Click on it. 

rch portal registration

  • If you are applying for your newborn kid, select “New Registration” in the ‘Register Child Section’. Then it will ask to fill in the following details:

rch portal child data entry

  • Personal Details:
    • Mother Name:
    • Child Name:
    • Address:
    • Father Name:
    • Pincode:
    • Street/Locality:
    • Email ID:
  • Hierarchy:
    • State
    • District:
    • Administrative Unit:
    • Select Village/SubCenter:
    • Health Facility:
    • ANM:
    • ANM Phone Number:
  • Medical Information:
    • Date of Birth:
    • Gender of Child:
  • Authentication:
    • Enter Mobile Number:
    • Enter OTP:
  • Enter all the child’s details according to the birth certificate, and lastly, enter the mobile number. An OTP will be sent to your mobile number. Enter the OTP in the given space to validate the mobile number given.
  • Finally, Enter the Captcha given and click the “Save” button. It will validate and save the child’s details and display a Pre-Registration Number. You can use this number to check the registration status.
  • After successful registration, we will notify your mobile numbers about the dates the related services are provided.
  • You can also do the registration mentioned above after logging into the website.

RCH Portal Features:

rch portal key features

  • Decision Making and Monitoring of all the aspects related to the health schemes provided by the government. 
  • Supports the health workers in identifying the beneficiaries. The Health workers are the ANMs who were appointed in that particular area. All the services are delivered through the ANMs of your area.
  • Supports the health workers and guides them to plan and deliver the services to the beneficiaries.
  • Identifying the beneficiaries with poor health conditions and taking care of their health conditions, and assisting them when they need help.
  • It helps the health workers prepare a plan to provide all the children with immunization services and other benefits.
  • It always tries to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the services provided to the beneficiaries through the Reproductive and child health portal.
  • It allows self-registration to the eligible beneficiaries and avails all the services provided on the website.

The Reproductive and child health portal comes under National Health Mission and is managed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India. The main aim of the RCH Portal is to provide the best services to pregnant women and children in our country. It is started to identify the beneficiaries who need the services on the RCH portal. Another aim of the website is to decrease Infant Mortality Rate and Maternal Mortality Rates. It is built to capture data about the services like family planning, maternal health, child health, and immunization. 

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