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Deforestation of the Amazon forest in Brazil is not only a threat to the country of Brazil but also a big threat to the world. Many factors, such as cattle ranching, wildfires, logging, and urbanization, deforest the Amazon Forest in Brazil. This causes severe effects on mankind and also on animal species. The biggest problem the world has to face because of the Deforestation of the Amazon forest is the huge growth in greenhouse gas levels that increase global warming. Many people may not see many animal species, and many plant species may vanish.

Amazon Forest:

Different names in different areas call the Amazon forest. It is also called Amazon Jungle and also called Amazonia. It covers an area of 5,500,000 square kilometres with its forest. This forest provides shelter for about 2.5 million species of insects, more than 2000 species of birds and mammals, and many thousands of species of plants. Till now, scientists identified at least 40,000 species of plants and trees, 2,200 species of fishes, 1294 bird species, 427 species of mammals, 428 species of amphibians, and 378 species of reptiles. Some species of plants, animals, or birds found in the Amazon forest are not available anywhere in the world.

Benefits Of Amazon Forest:

  • Amazon Forest Produces a huge amount of oxygen every day, which is a basic necessity for a human being to be able to live on Earth. 
  • The plant species in the Amazon Forest offer various medicinal plants that manufacturers use in medicines and medicinal drugs.
  • The people who stay around the Amazon forest depend on the forest for food.
  • The plants and trees in the Amazon forest preserve many water resources like rivers, lakes, streams, and ponds found in and around the forest.

Reasons For Deforestation Of Amazon Forest In Brazil:

Farming: There are huge species of plants and trees available in the Amazon forest. But people are cutting down those plants and trees to clear the forest area and plant the crops necessary for Expanding Agriculture and food production.

Ranching is a method of breeding cattle and growing their number on a Ranch, as Brazil is where most people eat beef. So as there is a huge requirement for beef, some people cut down the trees in the forest and develop a land space for Ranching.

Infrastructure and Urban Development: People are also cutting down the forest for development. This means trees are cut down to collect the land and construct buildings and other living areas for humans.

Logging: People need wood to make many things necessary for their daily lives. So people cut down the trees in the Amazon Forest and deliver them to those who need them. Some people also practice cutting down trees illegally without the permission of the government or the local authorities, and this is a serious problem for Amazon Forest.

Mining: people also started digging in Brazil’s Amazon Rain forest areas in the name of mining. Mining means digging the earth for different minerals, metals, etc.

Amazon Forest Deforestation Brazil

Amazon Forest Is Spread In Following Countries:

Amazon forest is said to be the largest forest in the world, and it is spread into 9 countries. They are:

  • Brazil
  • Peru
  • Colombia
  • Bolivia
  • Ecuador
  • French Guiana
  • Guyana
  • Suriname
  • Venezuela 

Rivers that Flow through the Amazon River:

  • Amazon River
  • Rio Negro
  • Maranon River
  • Ucayali River
  • Japura River
  • Putumayo River
  • Apurimac River
  • Purus River
  • Rio Napo
  • Jurua River
  • Rio Unini
  • Rio Mamuru

Disadvantages Of Deforestation Of Amazon Forest:

  • Deforestation is cutting down the live trees in the forest to use the land in one way or another. This may show several effects on the environment of Brazil. Some of such effects or disadvantages are as follows:
  • This may show a huge effect on the climate of Brazil and its surrounding countries. It increases global warming levels.
  • It will cause soil erosion which may lead to the loss of the fertile layer of soil and causes the suspension of the growth of new plants.
  • Many species of animals, birds, or plants may become rare or not be seen anymore.
  • It increases the level of carbon dioxide in the environment, which is dangerous for humans and animals.
  • Deforestation leads to a decrease in rainfall in and around Brazil.

Brazil Trying To Save The Amazon Forest:

Many Sattilite Images Show that deforestation of the Amazon continues and increasing yearly. They showed that 322 square kilometres of Amazon Forest were destroyed in February. So the government of Brazil is taking several actions to stop the Deforestation of the Amazon Forest in its region. The government of Brazil is increasing the forest area to be protected every year by 10%. It also came up with several programs that encourage the interest of the common public in supporting the Amazon Forest.

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