How to Apply for Marriage Certificate in Amravati Municipal Corporation?

Apply For A Marriage Certificate In Amravati:  If you just got married, it’s important to register your marriage and obtain a marriage certificate. If you live in the Amravati Municipal Corporation area, visit the closest Sub Registrar’s office to apply for this certificate. In Amravati, there are sixteen such offices. To do this, you’ll need to find out which one covers your neighborhood or where your family resides. This ensures that your marriage is officially recognized, and you have the necessary legal documentation. Don’t forget to figure out which Sub Registrar’s office is responsible for your location to complete this process smoothly.

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How to get a Marriage certificate in Amravati Municipal corporation Online?

If you are from Amravati Municipal Corporation, follow the simple steps to apply for a Marriage Certificate from the official website.

If you are a resident of Amravati municipal corporation, open the link below: Two types of services will drop down. They are the central govt. related services and state govt. related services. Click on “STATE GOVT. RELATED SERVICES”. A list of services provided over the website will drop down. Select “AAPLE SARKAR PORTAL”.

Using AapleSarkar Website:

  • Open the website called “”.
  • On this page, you can see a list of services provided online by scrolling on the left side of the screen, and for those, you have selected “marriage certificate” in that list. 

Aaple Sarkar Marraige Certificate Login Page

  • Then it displays a list of different services related to marriage registration. In those, we must select “online application for marriage registration”.
  • Then it redirects to another web page where we can find the “Apply here” option and click on it to apply for marriage registration.
  • Then it shows a checklist of all the documents required for the registration process. Go through the checklist and gather all the documents.
  • At the end of the page, we can see the “NEXT” button, click on it.
  • A page opens which describes the procedure of registration online.
  • Below the process description, it shows a checkbox and asks whether we understood the description or not. Select it and click on the “Next” button.
  • An online application appears, fill up all the mandatory fields without failure and then click on the “Continue” button at the end.
  • This leads to the application submission, which is scrutinised online and then asks for the payment of the application fee.
  • Pay the application fee online, and then a receipt will be generated along with the date of appointment and time displayed on the screen for the registration process.
  • Visit the concerned sub-registrar’s office on the given date with all the required documents and a copy of the acknowledgement received during the online application process.
  • Registrar will review the application and other required details and then approve the marriage certificate. Then the applicant will be asked to make a final process fee. 
  • A receipt for the payment and the “Marriage certificate” will be handed to the applicants upon successful payment.

How to get a Marriage certificate in Amravati municipal corporation offline?

There are sixteen sub-registrar offices in Amravati municipal corporation. Initially, the applicant for a marriage certificate should identify the sub-registrar office under which his location comes.

  • Find the sub-registrar office where the applicant’s residence comes from the Amravati municipal corporation.
  • Approach the sub-registrar’s office with all three witnesses’ required documents and identity proofs.
  • Request the authorities for an application form for registering your marriage and getting a marriage certificate.
  • Fill in all the necessary fields on the application and check thoroughly before submitting it to the authorities.
  • While submitting the filled application, attach all the necessary documents and photographs to the application.
  • The received application will be scrutinized for the eligibility criteria, and a date will be scheduled for registration.
  • The applicants will receive a receipt for the application submitted and are asked to come again on the scheduled date. This receipt is to be saved for future use.
  • Applicants must attend on the given date to the same sub-registrar office where they previously submitted their application. The three witnesses should also go with the applicants on that day.
  • Follow all the steps of the procedure for marriage registration directed by the authorities of the sub-registrar office.
  • Spouses and all three witnesses are given a register and are asked to make a signature and a thumb impression to complete the registration process.
  • The Marriage certificate will be issued on the same day of the registration process by the authorities of the sub-registrar office.

Eligibility criteria of applicants for a marriage certificate:

The applicants have a particular age limit to be checked before applying for the Marriage certificate.

  • The male applicant or the husband must be 21 years or more by the time of the marriage date.
  • The Female applicant or the wife must be eighteen years or more by the time of the marriage date.

Documents Required for Marriage Registration Process:

If you live in Amravati Municipal corporation, you must carry the following documents to apply for a Marriage certificate. They are:

  • Age proofs of both patners such as school or college leaving certificate, Birth certificate, SSC or HSC certificate, passport, and domicile certificate.
  • Residence proof of both spouses, such as an Aadhaar card, voter ID, driving licence, passport, bank passbook, electricity bill, or telephone bill.
  • Three witnesses must be gathered, and their address identity proofs must be carried during the marriage registration. Anyone among the address proofs such as Aadhar card, Ration card, Voter Id, and Passport of witnesses can be provided.
  • Wedding card of the married couple who are applying for the marriage certificate.
  • Passport-size photographs of husband, wife and all three witnesses.
  • Wedding photo or joint photo of both the applicants, which both spouses have signed over.
  • Name and signature of the priest.
  • Nikahnama is to be produced if the spouses are of the Muslim religion.
  • All the above documents are to be attested by any Gazetted officer.
  • Applicants should carry all the original documents along with the photocopies, where the original copies are taken for officials for verification during the registration process. They are given back to the applicants after the completion of the registration process.

Advantages of having a Marriage certificate:

It is a declaration given by the assigned registrar which shows that a couple is married and their marriage is registered officially. 

  • If you are applying for a passport, you must provide the marriage certificate as proof.
  • Registering for marriage is made compulsory to safeguard women’s Rights.
  • It is also required to produce a copy of the marriage certificate if any want to change their surname in the bank passbook.
  • A marriage certificate copy is required during foreign travel or visa processing if the applicant is married.

AddOn: One of the certificates you need before applying for a marriage certificate is the Birth Certificate issued by Amravati Municipal Officials If you don’t have one, start applying now.

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