How to Apply for Voter Card in Amravati Municipal Corporation?

Voter Card in Amravati Municipal Corporation: In Amravati Municipal corporation, if you want to cast your vote during elections time, you must have a voter identity card.  If you do not have a voter identity card, you must apply for it offline or online from Amravati Municipal Corporation.

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As you know the importance of elections in a democratic country like India, you must have a Voter Card, so add your name to Voter List in Amravati Municipal Corporation. You cannot vote in any of the Elections if your name is not on the Voter List.  

In this article, you can learn how to apply for Voter Identity Card online and offline. If you don’t have Voter Card, apply from the following methods.

Online procedure to Apply for Voter Identity Card in Amravati Municipal Corporation

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  • It redirects you to another page that asks you to give your phone number and asks to copy the captcha given. Then click on “Send OTP”. 
  • You will receive an OTP on the given mobile number, and your page will be redirected to another webpage that asks you to type the OTP received on your mobile phone.
  • Then you will be redirected to another webpage. It asks you if you have an EPIC number or not. EPIC is an “Electors Photo Identification Card”.
  • Select “I Don’t Have EPIC number”. Then enter your first and last names, enter your E-mail id and give a proper security password, and confirm the password by retyping it.
  • After giving all the above details, click on submit.
  • Now login to the website with that newly created username and password.
  • Select “Register as new Elector / Voter” to apply for your new voter identity card. 
  • An online application form will be opened on your webpage. That is “Form-6”. It is the application for a new applicant for the voter identity card.
  • Fill in all the necessary and mandatory fields with your details on the online application.
  • Then upload your recent passport-size photo.
  • Once you go through all the details thoroughly and then click on submit. 
  • All your details will be scrutinised, and an officer will be assigned to visit your residence to verify all the details you specified on the online application. 
  • Then you will get your voter identification card over the post to the address you mentioned on the online application.

Offline Procedure to Apply for Voter Card in Amravati Municipal Corporation

If you are a citizen of Amaravathi Municipal corporation and want to vote in the coming elections, you should have a voter identity card. People who do not have a voter identity card must apply for it. If you do not have access to an internet connection, you can also apply in person. You can apply for a voter identity card offline by following the procedure below.

  1. Visit the Electoral office that is nearest to your residence.
  2. Request the employee to provide you with an application for a voter identity card. Or you can download New Voter Application Form from here.
  3. The application for the voter identity card is called as Form-6
  4. Fill all the fields with your details in the application without mistakes.
  5. Thoroughly check the filled application to avoid spelling mistakes or any other mistakes.
  6. Then make your sign at the bottom of the application in the signature column.
  7. Affix your recent passport-size photograph in the photo column.
  8. Attach all the required proof documents to the application.
  9. Now apply to the concerned authority in the electoral office.
  10. The application can also be submitted to the nearest voter help centres, which are specially designated.
  11. After applying, a booth-level officer will visit the address that you specified in the application.
  12. This visit is to verify whether the details mentioned in the application and the documents produced as proof of the application are true.
  13. If the application is successfully verified, you will be notified at the end of verification, and your application will be processed.
  14. After completion of this procedure, the voter identity card will be sent to your address specified on the application.
  15. The voter identity card will be sent to the applicant via courier.

Documents required while applying for the Voter Identification Card” through online

Recent Passport size photograph of the applicant of Voter identification Card.

An address proof that shows your present address. The address can be anyone among the below:

  • Aadhaar Card 
  • Passport Copy
  • Gas Bill
  • Water Bill
  • Ration Card
  • Bank Passbook

A document of proof for the age of the applicant of the voter identification card. The age proof can be any one among the below:

  • 10th/SSC Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Pan Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Passport Copy

A document of identity proof. The identity proof can be any one among the following:

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Ration Card
  • Passport Copy
  • Bank Passbook with Photograph
  • SSC Certificate
  • Student Identity Card

Importance of having a voter identity card

  • It serves as proof of citizenship of the country, state and district you belong to.
  • It permits you to vote during the election time
  • It helps the government know the number of voters in our country.
  • It prevents fraudulent voting or double voting during elections.
  • It can be used as identity proof while availing or applying for different services in our country.

The election commission of India is the department of government organisation that issues the country’s citizens with voter identification cards and also for the citizens of Amravati Municipal Corporation. Voter identification can also be called a voter registration or election card.

If you are newly married and want to live in Amravati Municipal Corporation, you can shift your partner vote to your address. For that, you need to provide Marriage Certificate as proof. If you don’t have the marriage certificate, you can apply from the Official website of Amravati Municipal Corporation.

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