Extra Ordinary Man Movie Review: A Hilarious Comedy Drama With Nithiin

Extra Ordinary Man Review: Extra Ordinary Man, directed by Vakkantham Vamsi, is a Telugu comedy drama that stars Nithiin in the lead role. The film generated a lot of buzz with its entertaining teaser and trailer, leaving audiences curious about what it has to offer. Nithiin, who has faced a string of flops in recent times, hopes to redeem himself with this project. However, the film falls short of greatness, failing to deliver a compelling narrative and engaging screenplay. In this review, we will delve into the strengths and weaknesses of Extra Ordinary Man, exploring its storyline, performances, technical aspects, and more.

Overview – Extra Ordinary Man Review:

The film revolves around Abhinav (Nithiin), a junior artist aspiring to become an extraordinary man. Abhinav’s dream of becoming a hero is put on hold when he falls in love with Likhitha (Sreeleela), a wealthy woman who offers him a job in her company. Just as Abhinav begins to settle into his new life, a twist of fate leads him back to the world of cinema. He is offered a lead role in a film based on real events, only to be deceived and replaced by another actor. Determined to prove himself, Abhinav takes matters into his own hands and sets out on a mission to confront the villain portrayed in the film. What follows is a series of comedic and unpredictable events that shape Abhinav’s extraordinary journey.

Cast And Performances:

Nithiin delivers a commendable performance as Abhinav, showcasing his comedic timing and ability to evoke genuine laughter. His portrayal of an ordinary man with big dreams is relatable and endearing. Nithiin’s energy and enthusiasm bring life to the character, making him the highlight of the film. Sreeleela, on the other hand, is unfortunately underutilized in her role as Likhitha. Despite her glamorous presence and dancing skills, her character lacks depth and fails to leave a lasting impression. The supporting cast, including Rao Ramesh, Rajasekhar, and Sudhev Nair, contribute effectively to the overall entertainment value of the film. However, some characters feel underdeveloped and fail to make a significant impact.

Story And Screenplay:

The story of Extra Ordinary Man revolves around Abhinav’s journey from being a background artist to becoming an extraordinary man. While the premise seems promising, the screenplay falls short of delivering a compelling narrative. The first half of the film is filled with lighthearted moments, showcasing Abhinav’s struggles and his humorous interactions with his father. However, the plot loses momentum in the second half, with predictable and illogical sequences that hinder the overall flow of the film. The screenplay prioritizes comedy over a cohesive script, resulting in a film heavily reliant on humor to mask its shortcomings.\

Technical Aspects – Extra Ordinary Man Review:

In terms of technical aspects, Extra Ordinary Man has its highs and lows. Harris Jayaraj’s music, while not exceptional, is adequate for the film. The songs, although catchy, do little to enhance the overall narrative. The background score, on the other hand, adds some depth and emotion to certain scenes. Cinematographers Arthur A. Wilson ISC, Yuvraj J, and Sai Sriram bring their expertise to the table, capturing the essence of the story with visually appealing shots. The production values of the film are commendable, with attention to detail evident in the set designs and costumes. However, the editing could have been more refined, particularly in the second half where some scenes feel dragged out.

Strengths And Weaknesses – Extra Ordinary Man Review:

One of the strengths of Extra Ordinary Man lies in Nithiin’s performance. His comedic abilities and infectious energy bring a sense of joy and entertainment to the film. The comedy scenes, especially those between Nithiin and Rao Ramesh, provide moments of genuine laughter. The film also benefits from its unique premise of a junior artist’s journey to becoming an extraordinary man. The initial setup and the exploration of the film industry add an interesting layer to the narrative.

However, the film’s weaknesses lie in its screenplay and direction. The story, although promising on paper, fails to translate effectively on the screen. The execution falls short, with illogical scenes and predictable plot developments. The second half of the film feels overstretched and lacks the same comedic charm as the first half. Some characters and subplots are underdeveloped, leaving the audience longing for more depth and complexity.

Extra Information – Extra Ordinary Man Review:

In addition to the primary review, there are a few additional details worth mentioning. The film features cameos from actors such as Harsha Vardhan, Pavitra Naresh, Ravi Varma, and Jagadeesh, who contribute to the overall entertainment factor. The presence of Rajasekhar in a special role adds an element of intrigue to the narrative, altering the course of the story. However, the limited screen time for certain characters, including Sreeleela, raises questions about their significance to the plot.

Verdict – Extra Ordinary Man Review:

Overall, Extra Ordinary Man is a partly engaging comedy-drama that falls short of greatness. While Nithiin’s performance and the comedic elements provide moments of entertainment, the film suffers from a simplistic story, unengaging scenes, and a lackluster second-half screenplay. If you are a fan of Nithiin or enjoy light-hearted comedies, you may find some enjoyment in Extra Ordinary Man. However, if you are looking for a more compelling narrative and a seamless blend of comedy and drama, this film may not meet your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Extra Ordinary Man Review:

Is Extra Ordinary Man a family-friendly film?

Yes, Extra Ordinary Man is suitable for all age groups and can be enjoyed as a family outing. The film offers a blend of comedy, drama, and romance that appeals to a wide range of audiences.

Is there a strong message conveyed in Extra Ordinary Man?

While Extra Ordinary Man primarily focuses on providing entertainment through its comedic elements, it also touches upon themes of perseverance, following one’s dreams, and the unpredictable nature of the film industry.

How does Nithiin’s performance in Extra Ordinary Man compare to his previous films?

Nithiin shines in his role as Abhinav, showcasing his versatility as an actor. His comedic timing and expressive acting bring a fresh energy to the film. Extra Ordinary Man serves as a comeback vehicle for Nithiin after facing a series of box office failures.

Extra Ordinary Man is a partly engaging comedy drama that offers moments of laughter and entertainment. Nithiin’s performance, along with the supporting cast’s contributions, adds charm to the film. However, the screenplay falls short in delivering a compelling narrative, with the second half losing its momentum. Vakkantham Vamsi’s direction, while showcasing comedic elements effectively, lacks the finesse required to elevate the film. Despite its shortcomings, Extra Ordinary Man can be enjoyed by audiences who appreciate light-hearted comedies.

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