VRL Logistics: Tracking Consignment, Contact Number, Branch List

VRL Logistics Tracking: VRL Logistics is a company started in 1976 by Dr Vijay Sankeshwar started it. This company services people and businesses in 23 states and 5 union territories. It started its operations in GADAG, which is located in the state of Karnataka. The company has grown to a range where its stocks are listed on BSE and NSE stock markets. Its market capitalization is about 43.67 billion Indian Rupees. The company has 956 branches and branches all around the country. It also provides the franchisee of their company to smaller business people who want to serve in the same field or the same service to general people.

VRL Logistics Tracking A Consignment:

Before starting to track a courier, we need to keep ready the receipt given by the courier office employee after accepting a parcel for courier.

  • Open the official website of VRL Courier. That is https://www.vrlgroup.in.
  • Then you can see the VRL Courier Website home page.
  • There you can see the option “TRACK CONSIGNMENT”. Click on that option.

VRL Logistics Tracking

  • Then it asks you to enter the consignment number or LR number.
  • Then select the check box for ”Show Transit Details”.
  • Then click on the “Track” Button.
  • Then it will display the following details:
    • Booking Details: these are the details about the product or products to be couriered, the weight of the product, the date of the consignment, and the details of the consignor or sender like name, address, mobile number, and email
    • Delivery Details: these are the details of the consignee or the receiver, like name, address, phone number, expected delivery date, and the amount charged for the delivery.
    • Transit Details are the details of the medium or vehicle where the product is transported to the given address.
  • With these details, you can find your courier’s location or status. 

VRL Logistics Services:

VRL Logistics has a huge number of vehicles used to transport the goods or to transport the couriers they receive daily. Because of their strong vehicle network, they provide the following services:

  • General Parcel Services
  • Transportation of Fuel
  • Transportation of Passenger by air
  • Transportation of vehicles like Cars
  • Transportation of Molasses
  • Transportation of Equipment or large electronic parts used for machinery building
  • Transportation of food items like fruits and vegetables.

How To Find Nearest VRL Logistics Office?

  • Open the website of VRL Logistics https://www.vrlgroup.in
  • Then you can see the home page of VRL Logistics. Scroll down to the end of the webpage. There you can see many options.

VRL Logistics Branch List

  • Search for ‘Branch List’ and click on it.
  • Then you will be taken to another webpage where you will be asked to enter the state and city name. Enter those and click on search.
  • Then it will display the list of all the VRL Logistics offices in the city you mentioned.
  • Find your nearest branch and visit it to avail the courier service you need.

VRL Logistics Service Qualities For General Parcel:

VRL Logistics is one of the oldest and strongest companies that provide logistics for huge deliveries and courier services for businesses and consumers. Below mentioned are some of the services provided by VRL Logistics:

  • Door Pick-Up
  • Door Delivery
  • Online Track and Trace Facility
  • Dedicated Company Owned Vehicles
  • On-time Delivery
  • Best-in-class service record
  • Availability of services for 365 days and 24*7 operations
  • Extensive nationwide network
  • Surface Transportation for best last mile Connectivity
  • Consignment size ranges from 1kg to 40 tons.

General Parcel Terms and Conditions – VRL Logistics:

VRL Logistics Terms and Conditions

  • The company is not responsible for any loss or damage to the product in the courier because of natural calamity, theft, weather conditions, strikes, riots, disturbances, fire, explosions, accidents, and any other circumstances beyond the control of the company.
  • The product is delivered to the destination as it is given during consignment booking. So the risk belongs to the owner of the parcel.
  • The VRL Logistics company does not know the product’s type, price, content, and conditions.
  • The company is not responsible for the parcel’s delay, detention, or loss because of government authorities.
  • If the product details mentioned in the consignment receipt do not match the original content and if any government authorities catch such parcels, then the company is not responsible for such parcels.
  • If the company incurs any extra expense to deliver the parcel to the receiver, the extra amount spent will be collected from the receiver.
  • The company is not answerable if the consignor or sender mentions any wrong declarations or information in the consignment form. The consignors must deal with the taxes levied or questioned by the government authorities.
  • Delicate products like fruits, vegetables, plants, glassware, crockery, furniture, and other sensitive goods will be couriered at the owner’s risk. The company is not responsible for any damage.
  • The company can dispose of the disposable goods with unidentified addresses after 48 hours after their arrival.
  • The Company attempts door delivery only once. If the consignee or receiver fails to receive the courier, the parcel will be taken to the nearest VRL Logistics office. If the consignee wants a door delivery again, the company charges extra for a second trial for delivery.

VRL Logistics Tracking – https://www.vrlgroup.in

VRL Logistics has offices in 553 towns and it has 875 branches. The company provides a unique service that differentiates them from similar service providers. They have a wide network for their services and provide door-to-door services through company-owned vehicles. Some of the biggest clients who had tie-ups with VRL Logistics are Mahindra and Mahindra, Bosch, Maruthi, Michelin, Hindustan Petroleum, United India Insurance, National India Insurance, Etc., The full form of the LR number is the Lorry number used to track the consignments of VRL Logistics. The consignor needs to mention the exact details of the product to be delivered. This is to avoid any objections from the government authorities.

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