Adikeshava Movie Review: An Action-Packed Telugu Entertainer

Adikeshava Movie Review: Adikeshava, directed by Srikanth N Reddy, is a Telugu action drama that hit the theatres on November 24, 2023. The movie stars Sreeleela and Panja Vaisshnav Tej in the lead roles. With a solid mass story and a talented cast, Adikeshava has created quite a buzz among fans and critics alike. In this review, we will delve into the plot, performances, and overall impact of this highly anticipated film.

Overview Of Adikeshava Movie Review:

Aadikeshava is a tale of Balu (played by Panja Vaisshnav Tej), a young man who grows up with a strong sense of justice. He is depicted as a dynamic action hero with an unwavering determination to fight against injustice. Alongside him is Chitravathi (played by Sreeleela), a leading lady who brings a fun and chirpy angle to the story. The movie revolves around their love story and the challenges they face together.

Adikeshava Movie Cast And Crew:

  • Director: Srikanth N Reddy
  • Producer: Sai Soujanya, Suryadevara Naga Vamsi
  • Musician: G. V. Prakash Kumar
  • Cinematographer: Dudley
  • Editor: Navin Nooli


  • Panja Vaisshnav Tej
  • Sreeleela
  • Joju George
  • Aparna Das
  • Sadhaf Mohammed Syed

Adikeshava Movie Storyline:

The story of Adikeshava centers around Balu, who grows up as a bonded child to his mother. He is portrayed as a fearless and righteous individual who stands up against any form of injustice. Balu meets Chitravathi, the CEO of a cosmetic company, and they fall in love. However, their lives take an unexpected turn when an old man from Brahma Samudram reveals Balu’s true identity as Rudra Kaleshwar Reddy and takes him back to the village to uncover his real family and connections.

As Balu delves into his past, he confronts Chengareddy (played by Joju George), who is portrayed as a ten-headed Ravana. The movie explores Balu’s journey of fighting against the anarchy created by Chengareddy and finding his place in the village. It also touches upon themes of love, family ties, drama, and politics.

Visual And Technical Aspects:

Visually, Adikeshava impresses with its stunning cinematography by Dudley. The scenic locations and vibrant visuals enhance the storytelling experience. The movie’s production design by AS Prakash creates an authentic backdrop for the narrative, while Naveen Nooli’s editing ensures a smooth flow of the story. The music, composed by GV Prakashkumar, may not be highly memorable, but the background score effectively elevates the action sequences and emotional moments.

Adikeshava Movie Review: The Positives:

Strong Performances:

One of the major highlights of Adikeshava is the stellar performances by the cast. Panja Vaisshnav Tej shines in his first mass movie, effortlessly transitioning between the roles of Balu and Rudra Kaleshwar Reddy. His action sequences and dance moves leave a lasting impact on the audience. Sreeleela, with her captivating screen presence and dance skills, steals the show as the confident and brash millennial diva. The chemistry between the lead pair adds depth to their characters and enhances the emotional moments.

Engaging Storyline:

While Adikeshava may not offer a completely unique storyline, it keeps the audience engaged with its combination of action, drama, and romance. The first half of the movie focuses on establishing the characters, their relationships, and the initial conflicts. The second half takes a thrilling turn as Balu/Rudra Kaleshwar Reddy confronts Chengareddy and fights against the anarchy in Brahma Samudram. The unexpected twists and turns in the plot keep the viewers hooked until the climax.

Technical Brilliance:

The technical aspects of Adikeshava deserve applause. Dudley’s cinematography captures the essence of the story, bringing the village of Brahma Samudram to life. The visuals are aesthetically pleasing and add depth to the narrative. The editing by Naveen Nooli ensures a seamless flow of the story, maintaining the right pace and rhythm. GV Prakashkumar’s background score elevates the action sequences and intensifies the emotional moments, creating a captivating cinematic experience.

Action Sequences And Choreography:

Adikeshava delivers impressive action sequences that are a treat for fans of the genre. Panja Vaisshnav Tej’s powerful portrayal of Rudra Kaleshwar Reddy adds weight to the intense fight scenes. The choreography of the action sequences is well-executed, showcasing the actor’s agility and skill. The dance sequences, featuring Sreeleela, are a visual delight, adding entertainment value to the movie.

Adikeshava Movie Review: The Negatives:

Predictable Storyline:

While Adikeshava manages to engage the audience with its action-packed narrative, the storyline lacks novelty. The film follows a familiar template of commercial Telugu movies, incorporating elements of love, family ties, and a hero fighting against the antagonist. The lack of fresh storytelling might disappoint those seeking a unique cinematic experience.

Underdeveloped Supporting Characters:

Despite the strong performances by the lead actors, some of the supporting characters in Adikeshava feel underdeveloped. Aparna Das, Suman, and Tanikella Bharani, though talented, have limited screen time and their characters could have been explored further. However, their contributions to the overall narrative are commendable.

Rating And Conclusion:

The overall reception of Adikeshava has been mixed, with viewers divided in their opinions. While some have rated it highly for its action-packed sequences, strong performances, and catchy music, others have found the storyline to be predictable and lacking innovation. Considering the various elements of the film, it can be concluded that Adikeshava is a thrilling action drama that caters to fans of the mass commercial genre.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Despite its flaws, Adikeshava manages to entertain with its gripping action and emotional moments. It showcases the potential of Panja Vaisshnav Tej as a mass hero and highlights Sreeleela’s talent. Directed by Srikanth N Reddy, the film offers an engaging narrative that keeps the audience hooked. Whether you are a fan of action-packed dramas or simply looking for an entertaining ride, Adikeshava is worth a watch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Adikeshava Movie Review:

When was Adikeshava released?

Adikeshava was released on November 24, 2023. 

Who are the lead actors in Adikeshava? 

The lead actors in Adikeshava are Panja Vaisshnav Tej and Sreeleela. 

Who is the director of Adikeshava? 

Adikeshava is directed by Srikanth N Reddy. 

What is the genre of Adikeshava? 

Adikeshava is an action drama film.

What is the runtime of Adikeshava? 

Adikeshava has a runtime of 129 minutes.

Additional Information – Adikeshava Movie Review:

  • Adikeshava is produced by Sai Soujanya and Suryadevara Naga Vamsi under the banner of Sitara Entertainments and Fortune Four Movies. 
  • The movie marks Panja Vaisshnav Tej’s first foray into the mass commercial genre.
  • The songs composed by G. V. Prakash Kumar have garnered attention for their catchy tunes and impressive background music.

In conclusion, Adikeshava offers an exciting blend of action, romance, and drama. While it may not be groundbreaking in terms of storytelling, the film succeeds in delivering entertainment and showcasing the talents of its lead actors. Whether you are a fan of Telugu cinema or simply looking for an engaging movie experience, Adikeshava is a must-watch.

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