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Migration Certificate: The word “Migration” means moving from one place to another place. In the same way, student migration means the movement of students from one University to another university or moving from one country to another country to study. In case of such migration, the students must get a certificate from the University they are reliving. The migration certificate is an indication or proof shown to a new university or college that the certificate holder is relieved from their University and is eligible to join a new university. This is a student’s most important certificate when applying for a course abroad.

Application For Migration Certificate:

The university where you study is responsible for providing a Migration Certificate, similar to other certificates like marks lists, provisional certificates, and original degrees. To obtain the migration certificate, you can write a formal request letter including all your details, indicating your need for this certificate.

First, the student has to approach the university administrative office and enquire about all the details to apply for a migration certificate.

  1. The admin office staff will tell you the details, like the address of the University and documents to be attached to the application letter.
  2. Note down the University address, which is to be specified on the letter to apply for the certificate.
  3. Now check whether you have all the required documents or not.
  4. If you have all the required documents, start writing the application letter.
  5. Now write a formal letter of application for a migration certificate.
  6. Complete the letter by including every necessary detail like address, student details, student course, the reason for migration letter, etc., 
  7. Submit the application letter to the concerned university staff with copies of all the required certificates.
  8. They approve your letter and send it to get signed by the dean or head of the University.
  9. Finally, they will provide you with a Certificate with the official stamp of the University. 

Contents Of Letter For Migration Certificate:

The letter for application of the migration certificate must be formal. However, informal letters will not be accepted and will always face rejection.

  • The letter has to start with the student’s address, which is required to get the migration certificate through the post.
  • Then continue with the address of the university and pin code.
  • Now mention the subject as “Request for Migration Certificate.”
  • Start writing the content by addressing the authority as respected sir/madam.
  • Continue with your name and course registration number provided by the college while joining the course.
  • Continue the letter with all the details about the course and college you studied and the year of course completion.
  • Then request the approval of the Certificate.
  • Now write the purpose for which you are seeking this certificate.
  • Also, mention that no dues are pending for your course completion.
  • Then end it with a “Thank you” and “yours obediently” and the student’s signature and the course registration number.
  • Again, write your name and add the contact number and email id for further communication.
  • Pin all the required copies of certificates before submission.

CBSE Migration Certificate Download Online Application Form:

Every University has its own website. On these websites, we can find services like online applications for exams, exam hall tickets, exam results, and applying for certificates like Provisional Certificates, Original Degrees, and Migration Certificates. So we can search for the service and provision of migration certificates online and start applying for it.

  1. Open the official website of the University in which you have completed your course.  
  2. Now login to the website using your ID and password.
  3. Now search for the online student services that your university website provides.
  4. Then find the service “Migration Certificate.”
  5. Now fill in all the details asked like name, register number, course, passed out the year, address, contact details, etc.,
  6. Then upload all the scanned copies of the documents asked for.
  7. Then submit and pay the application fee through credit card, debit card, net banking or e-wallets, or by cash.
  8. They will give a receipt and save it for future use.
  9. After a few days of applying, you will receive the certificate by post or hand it directly when you visit the University.

Download Some Of State Board Migration Certificates:

State Board Name  Website Link
Karnataka Link
Andhra Pradesh Link
Madhya Pradesh Link
Maharashtra Link
West Bengal Link
TamilNadu Link
Kerala Link

Documents Required For Migration Certificate:

  1. Copies of all mark lists
  2. Copy of Provisional Certificate
  3. Copy of Original degree
  4. Copy of No dues certificate provided by college or University
  5. No Objection Certificate from the Institute or college of the student

Migration Certificate Contents:

The format of the migration certificates of the universities may differ, but every migration certificate will contain the following details. The contents of this certificate are as follows:

  • Name the student
  • Name Of the Father of the student
  • The course of the student
  • Degree of the student
  • Register the number of students
  • Pass or fail confirmation
  • Year of passing the course
  • Education Institute Name
  • Status of the objection of the college or University for migration of the student
  • Principal Signature
  • Head of the Institute signature
  • Official Stamp of the Institute

Like other certificates, a migration certificate is also very important for a student seeking a new course. Each University has a unique way of applying for this certificate. Every university or college administration expects a certified copy from the new joiners. This certificate is necessary for students who want to transfer from one University to another. The migration certificate is also required if the candidate studies in other countries. University authorities ask the students to submit the migration certificate when they apply for a post-graduation course after graduation. No college or educational institute can produce Migration certificates. Authority only lies with the affiliated universities. 

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