BBMP Property Tax Online Payment, Check Status, Bill Receipt

BBMP Property Tax Online Payment: The owners of Bangalore citizens should have to pay a property tax to the Bangalore municipality body called “BRUHAT Bangalore MAHANAGARA PALIKE” every year. The municipality of Bangalore uses these funds to develop civic facilities in Bangalore. They calculate the amount of property tax using the unit area value of UAV units.

The UAV is based on returns coming on the property, and it is based on the property’s location and the purpose of the property used. The current property tax value is multiplied by the sq.ft per unit to calculate the property tax computation.

The Stamps and Registration Department issues guidance values, categorizing BBMP into six zones. Property tax in Bangalore differs based on occupancy and zone, payable online or offline.

How To Make BBMP Property Tax Online Payment Using BBMP Tax Portal?

  • Go to the official website of the BBMP property tax portal, i.e.,
  • Enter the PID number and three characters of the property owner in their respective columns. Tap on the Retrieve button.

BBMP Property Tax AMTCORP Payment

  • Click on Proceed after checking all the property details, and it will take you to Form IV.
  • If there are any changes to be made, check the box on the page and click proceed, which will take you to form V.
  • After choosing the online payment mode, it will lead you to a payment page you can pay either by using net banking or card payment, It takes 24 hours to see the payment status in the portal.

If you are facing any problems, you can raise a complaint at

How To Pay BBMP Property Tax Manually?

  • To pay in manual mode, one has to go revenue office and take the form required for tax payment.
  • Complete all the details and submit them to the revenue officer’s office.
  • Pay the amount by card or demand draft.

There are options for paying e challan through banks like IDBI, cooperative bank, SBI, Maharashtra bank, etc. One can fill out the form online and pay the challan amount in these banks as property tax.

How To Check Status Of BBMP Tax Payment Application?

One can check the status of the BBMP tax paid application after the payment of BBMP tax payment online.

  • Go to the official website of the BBMP property tax portal
  • Click the payment status tab available on the home page
  • Select the Application Number or Challan/Transaction Number, enter the number, and tap the Retrieve button.

BBMP Property Tax AMTCORP Application Status

  • The status of the payment will be displayed on the screen.

How To Download BBMP Property Tax Receipt?

  • Go to the BBMP tax property portal.
  • Click on the downloads tab.
  • Select the print receipt option from the drop-down list.
  • Select the assessment year, enter the application number and captcha code, and click submit.
  • The property tax receipt will be downloaded in pdf format.

By When To Pay BBMP Property Tax To Get Rebate?

Taxpayers must pay the property tax before 31 March of the subsequent year as the property tax period starts in April of one year and ends in March of the subsequent year. For instance FY 2022-23, one must pay by 31 March 2023.

  • BBMP also provides a 5% rebate on property tax paid in one instalment within the due date stipulated by BBMP.
  • Delayed payment of property tax upto 2% per month and 24% per anum
  • The property tax can be paid in installments without a rebate.

How To Calculate BBMP Property Tax?

Property tax generally equals 20% off the property’s total area multiplied by the value of Sq Ft fixed by the BBMP. The tax includes tenanted, occupied parking spaces also. 

The formula required for the computation of property tax includes

Property tax(K)= (G-I)*20% + cess (24% of property tax)


G=Gross unit area value, it arrives as X+Y+Z and I=G*H/100

X= Tenanted area property * Sq ft unit rate per property X10 months

Y=Self area sq ft property * Sq ft unit rate per property X10 months

Z= Vehicle parking area * Sq ft rate per vehicle parking area X 10 months

H= percentage depreciation value

Generally, percentage depreciation is based on the property’s age, which allows BBMP plus 24% cess property tax.

BBMP Tax Forms:

There are 6 forms required for BBMP tax payment anyone who is paying BBMP tax should submit these 6 forms

1 Property along with property identification number, which includes the street number and wand number

It is present in the last payment of tax

These are the properties of erstwhile BBMP, and the form colour is white
2 The khata number is given with the relevant property for these PID numbers is not present The form colour is a pin and the erstwhile properties of CMC and TMC 
3 Properties without PID number and Khata number Unauthorized properties, along with sanitation and the form, are in green colour
4 When there is no change in the property like usage, occupancy, etc The form is in white colour
5 When there is a change in a property from residential to nonresidential  The form is in blue colour
6 When the property is exempted from paying the tax The form is white

BBMP Latest News:

Bhurat Bangalore Mahanagara Palika is now planning to acquire some land from 118 private property owners on Rajakaluvas to increase the width of Strom Water Drains.

As the water level is crossing the threshold level during floods, BBMP came up with decision.

Frequently Asked Questions To Related to BBMP Property Tax:

Should I consider the parking area space as an open veranda or under the portico for property tax payment?

 It includes either an open veranda or under portico based on the residential area.

Does the property count as self-occupied or rented if it’s vacant?

It counts as self-occupied unless someone moves in as a tenant.

What should I pay for BBMP property tax if they demolish my building?

You have to pay property tax as vacant property for the demolished building.

How to avoid the penalty for BBMP Property Tax?

By paying the property tax on time i.e, before March 31st every year one can avoid property tax.

The BBMP is Bangalore’s municipality body responsible for property tax payments. Every Bangalore citizen has to pay property tax every year. The amount of tax to be paid varies from one zone to another zone. There are a total of 6 zones for property tax payments in Bangalore. The value of Sq ft unit per property calculates the amount to be paid for property tax, which is decided by stamps and the registration office. Property owners pay the tax for their occupied or tenanted properties. There is a difference in property tax for residential and non-residential properties. The payment can be made online, manually or in challan form; we can also pay in the banks.

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