Saral Haryana: Online Registration, Status Update, e-Pass, Movement Pass

Saral.Haryana.Gov.In Portal: Saral was introduced by the government of Haryana. Sarala Haryana Portal aims to transform citizen service delivery in Haryana by digitizing over 600+ services, aligning with Digital India’s vision of a faceless, paperless, and cashless service or scheme delivery model. 

The main objective of the Antyodaya Saral is to create a centralized platform for the delivery and monitoring of  Government to citizen (G2C) services or schemes throughout the state. This article will discuss the Saral Haryana Portal services list, how to register in the Saral and other information.

Saral Haryana Portal Overview:

Name of the Website Saral
Started By Government of Haryana
Name of the Category Haryana Government schemes
beneficiary Citizens of Haryana State
Objective Providing various services to the state’s citizens in a single window platform.
Benefit Providing multiple facilities in digital form to the people.
Service Information and application of every Government Scheme of the state
Official website 

Saral.Haryana.Gov.In Registration Process:

Saral Haryana Portal is a web-based service portal that allows citizens to register, manage, and access their government of Haryana services online. If you want to write in Saral, follow the steps below.

  • The user should visit the Saral Haryana Portal. I.e., 
  • Going to the “Sign In Here” box on the home page would be best.
  • Click the “New User? Register here” link under the sign-in box.
  • The Service Plus (Registration Form)  page will open. You must enter the necessary information such as “Full Name,” “Email Id,” “Mobile No,” and “Password” and then select the state as “Haryana” from the drop-down menu.

Saral Haryana Gov In Registration

  • And also, you must enter “Captcha Code” and then click on the “Submit” tab.
  • Then you will be registered successfully on Saral

Saral Haryana Login Process:

Once registered, you can sign in to using your login credentials. Through this Saral Haryana portal, users can access their Haryana government services online every day of the week, 24 hours a day. The following are the steps to sign in to the Saral Haryana Portal.

  • Visit Saral Haryana’s official website.
  • Go to the “Sign In Here” box and enter your “Login ID,” “Password,” and “Captcha Code.”

Saral Haryana Gov In Login

  • After filling in the details, hit on the “Submit” button.
  • Then you will be signed into the Saral Successfully.

How to Track Application On Saral Haryana Portal?

The following are the steps to track the application on Saral

  • Open the Saral Haryana’s Portal.
  • The user should go to the “Track Your Services Online” tab on the home page.
  • After that, click the “Track Application / Appeal” link.

Saral Haryana Gov In Track

  • The next screen will appear; select “Department” and “Service” from the drop-down list.
  • Enter your “Application Reference ID / Appeal Reference ID” and press the “Check Status” button.
  • After clicking the check status button, your application status will appear on the screen. 

Online Ticket Tracking Process In Saral Haryana Portal:

The following are the steps to track the ticket online using

  • The citizen should open the official website of “Saral Haryana Portal.”
  • On the main screen, you must choose the “Track Your Service Online” box and click the “Track Ticket Online” option.
  • The “Track Tickets” page will open, where you must enter the required details.
  • You can search here by “Ticket” or “Mobile Number.” You must choose any one option.
  • Then, enter your “Ticket or Mobile Number,” “Name,” and “Captcha Code,” and then you need to click on the “Search” button.
  • Finally, the status of your ticket will appear on the screen.

How To Track Saral Haryana Applications And Tickets  Through SMS?

If any citizen of Harayana wants to check their application or ticket status using their registered mobile number or any other mobile number, they should follow the below steps.

  • From the registered mobile number, the applicant should type SARAL and send it to 9954699899 to track their application status.
  • From any other mobile number, the applicant must type SARAL <space> <Application ID/Ticket No. > and send it to 9954699899 to track their application or ticket status.
  • After sending a message, the applicant will receive a response from Saral regarding your application.

How to View Schemes/Services List On Saral Haryana Portal?

Saral offers various schemes and services to the citizens of Haryana. The citizens of Haryana can easily view the list of Schemes and Services on the Saral Haryana Portal. The following are the steps to view the schemes/services list on the Saral

  • Visit Saral Haryna’s official website.
  • You must choose “Schemes/Services List” on the home page of the navigation bar.
  • The list of Schemes/Services will appear on the next screen.

Saral Haryana Gov In Schemes

  • You can check the scheme/ service by selecting “Department Name,” “Application Name,” “Service/Scheme Name,” “Service/Scheme,” and “Notified as Citizen Charter.”
  • After choosing the necessary details, the list of schemes/services will appear on the screen.

How to Search Schemes/Services On Saral Haryana Portal?

If the citizens of Haryana want to search for schemes/services on, they must follow the steps below.

  • Open the official website of Sarala Haryana. I.e., 
  • The applicant must choose “Search Schemes/Services” from the navigation bar.
  • The Saral Haryana Search Document page will open; here, you must enter “Text/Keywords,” and you must select “Department” and “Service/Scheme” from the drop-down list.
  • Once you have entered all the details, click the “Search” link.
  • Then the documents related to chosen scheme/service will appear on the screen.

Benefits of the Saral Haryana Portal:

The following are the benefits of

  • A single service delivery portal for citizens.
  • Ability to avail services or schemes from anywhere at any time.
  • Live tracking of the status of service requests.
  • Timely delivery of services or schemes.
  • Complete digitization of citizen services or schemes.
  • Integrated with Parivar Pehchan Patra (PPP) for auto-filling authentic and verified details of citizens.
  • No need to refer to identification and address proof from SARAL applicants.
  • Integrated with Janashankya Mobile App.

The Saral Haryana Portal has made it easier for citizens to access government services online, reducing the need for a physical visit to government offices.  It has also helped bring transparency and accountability to the delivery of government services. In addition, its user-friendly interface and availability of different services have made it a popular platform among the citizens of Haryana.

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