CFMS Bill Status: Andhra Pradesh Financial Management Department

CFMS Bill Status: The full form of CFMS is Comprehensive Financial Management System. The Citizen Bill Status/CFMS bill Status is a software application designed, developed, and introduced by APCFSS(Andhra Pradesh Center for Financial Systems and Services) by uniting with the Finance Department. CFMS takes care of many activities of the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Budget formulation, Tax and Non-tax Receipts, cash, and debt management, social benefits delivery, assets and Expenditures- schemes, non-schemes, salaries, etc.

CFMS Andhra Pradesh streamlines financial management, providing a one-stop solution for government employees and beneficiaries. Effortlessly access financial information, replacing paper documentation with the convenience of a click. The user-friendly interface ensures a seamless navigation experience, enhancing accessibility and efficiency in managing your finances through CFMS AP.

How To Check CFMS Bill Status Using CFMS.AP.Gov.In Login?

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  • Then you can see the home page of the CFMS website. You have to search for the Citizen Services section on the home page.
  • It will be on the left side at the bottom of the page. There you can see a list of services.
  • Now select Expenditure Links among the given four services. Then it displays another set of 5 services.
  • Choose “Bill Status” among those services. Then you will be redirected to the citizen bill status page.CFMS Bill Status
  • Then it asks you to enter the year and the bill number in the given space. Enter the details and press Enter button.
  • It tracks the details about the citizen bill number given and displays the information about it.
  • Checking the Citizen Bill status on APCFSS(Andhra Pradesh Center for Financial Systems and Services) website:
  • Andhra Pradesh Center for Financial Systems and Services is an organization that designs solutions for running and maintaining many government schemes provided for the citizens’ welfare. It manages the issues of public finances of Andhra Pradesh. It also provides financial solutions in the form of  Websites and Mobile Applications, and one such solution is the CFMS(Comprehensive Financial management system). The steps to check the Citizen Bill Status on APCFSS is as Follows:
  • Open the link from the APCFSS website.
  • Then it will ask you to enter the details- Bill Number and the year. After entering those details, click on “Get Details”.
  • Then it will display all the details like:
      • Bill Status
      • Gross Amount
      • DDO
      • Deduction
      • District
      • Net Amount
      • Treasury Office

It also displays the “Detail Flow of Bill” and the “Beneficiary Details”.

CFMS Login: How To Log Into CFMS.AP.Gov.In Portal?

The Citizen Bill Status is a service provided by CFMS(Comprehensive Financial Management System) website. Coming to the login procedure of the CFMS website, the below steps are to be followed:

  • Open the official Website of the Comprehensive Financial Management System of Andhra Pradesh. 
  • Then you can see the home page of CFMS. There on the left side of this webpage, you can see the “LOGIN” option.
  • Click on it, then you will be redirected to the login page.

CFMS Bill Status Login

  • Then it will ask to enter “User”, that is, user name, “Password”, and choose the preferred “Language”.
  • Enter all the details and click on the “Log On” button.
  • Then you will be logged in and allowed to use the website’s services.

Services Provided by CMFS Portal:

Apart from checking CFMS bill status, there are many other services provided by CMFS Website besides Citizen Bill status.

The CMFS website provides services to three categories. They are as follows: 

  • Government to Government services: These are the services provided to the other government departments by the department of CFMS(Comprehensive Financial Management System). It services departments like the Finance Department, Heads of the Departments, Treasuries, Drawing, and Disbursement Officers, RBI, Agriculture Department, and GSTN.
  • Government to Citizens services: These services are provided to different categories of citizens in Andhra Pradesh by CFMS. Such service receivers are Citizens, Social Security Pensioners, Taxpayers, Business or Service providers, and Banks. 
  • Government to Employee Services: These are the Services Provided to the Employees Working under the government departments. The categories that receive the services of CFMS are all the Employees and the Retirees of Andhra Pradesh Government Departments.

CFMS Finance Department Key Responsibilities

CFMS Roles and Responsibilities:

The Citizen Bill Status is one of the aspects taken care of by CMFS of APCFSS. Other than that, there are many roles and responsibilities of CFMS. Some of them are: 

  • It gathers and studies information about the financial and many other aspects of all the departments working under the government of Andhra Pradesh.
  • It also studies the impact of the performances of all the departments on the state budget.
  • It analyses the expenditure of the government for development and other fixed expenditures.
  • It also looks after and analyzes centrally sponsored schemes introduced for the sake of the state of Andhra Pradesh.
  • It helps the government of Andhra Pradesh know its capability of maintaining and utilizing its funds received locally and from the government of India.
  • It helps the state government prepare the reports to get the funds to the maximum extent from the government of India. 
  • It studies all the practices followed by the other states in getting, maintaining, and distributing the funds and other financial issues. Among those practices, it helps the government to choose the best practices and adopt them in their financial activities.
  • It is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining the websites and mobile applications for the financial activities of the government of Andhra Pradesh.
  • It helps the government in formulating the activities for budget preparation.

CFMS Bill Status –

APCFSS is Andhra Pradesh Centre for Financial Systems and Services, and CFMS is Comprehensive Financial Management Services. The APCFSS is a nonprofit organization started in 2016 with approximately 500 employees. Its headquarters are in Ibrahimpatnam of Krishna District in Andhra Pradesh. It assists the Government of Andhra Pradesh in Governance Consulting and Project Management. The CFMS department comes under the organization of APCFSS. The Citizen Bill status is one of the important activities of the CFMS. The Citizen Bill Status is an activity provided for citizens to check their bill status without visiting the office often.

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