HRMS Haryana: How To Login, Help Desk, Registration, Salary Slip

HRMS Haryana Login: HRMS means the Human Resource Management System for all Government Employees in Haryana. 91 departments are working for the government, and all the departments tave 269890 employees. Maintenance of every government employee is not easy. 

So the government of Haryana came up with the HRMS Haryana portal, which holds all the employee details and all the employee-related issues in the state of Haryana. It is specially built to manage the details of all the government employees of Haryana State. In addition, it provides information on an employee like name, department, office location, age, salary details, service details, transfer details, promotion details, retirement details, etc.

Employee Registration on HRMS Haryana Portal:

Each government will need an information system that stores all the details of all the employees of their state government. This helps to know any party about any employee working in the government offices in a state. So for this purpose, the Haryana government, with the help of the National Informatics Center, developed a web portal for the employees of their condition. The web portal is Now let us see the procedure to register for the HRMS Haryana Portal.

  • Open the Employee Assistant Portal of Haryana. That is 
  • There you can see the Login page.
  • Below the login, you can see a link for “New registrations”. Click on that link. Then an online registration form will be opened.
  • Now, choose the “Type of Employee” according to your office designation or level of work.

HRMS Haryana Login New Employee Registration

  • Now enter the unique code or receipt code provided to you.
  • Then enter the bank account details to which your salary is credited monthly.
  • After entering all the above-specified details, click on “submit”.
  • Now link your mobile number to Human Resource Management System and the E-pay. This will help the employee to get all the important notifications on the linked mobile number.
  • For linking your mobile number, an OTP will be sent to your number to confirm the working condition of the mobile. Enter the OTP on the registration application in the given space. Your mobile number will be verified after entering the correct OTP.
  • Then you will be asked to create your Password for the login process.
  • After creating the Password submit the page.
  • Then a message will be displayed showing that the employee registration is successful.

HRMS Haryana Login Procedure:

The HRMS Login procedure is differentiated into four categories they are checker, maker, level admin user, and department admin user. Each level has a different type of permissions and other types of accessibilities. The Procedure to Login into the HRMS Haryana portal is as follows:

  • Open the portal of Haryana’s Human Resource Management System. That is
  • Then to the right side of the page, we can see the space for login.

HRMS Haryana Login Employee Login Page

  • Enter the Payee Code or Mobile Numner, Password to login into the portal
  • Now enter the security code received on your mobile.
  • Then click on “Login”

HRMS Haryana Portal Services:

  • Employee Directory: This part consists of all the details of the employees working in the state of Haryana. It includes details such as name, department, service year, etc., of the employees of every government department
  • Basic Details of Employees: These are the Basic details like name, age, address, and mobile number of the employee.
  • Complete the Service Book of Employee: This includes all the details about the employee’s service. Like promotions received, number of transfers, the work location details, and the time the employee worked in that location.
  • Annual Confidential Report(ACR) Received/Missing: It saves all the annual confidential reports received about the employees from the respective departments.
  • Employee Age(For Extension Purposes): All employees’ age details to use in the future if there is any service extension.
  • Retirement Due: it maintains the details about the retirement of all the employees in the state.
  • Post Wise Sanctioned and Vacancy Position: it contains details about a post and the details of the employees to whom the center is sanctioned and also the details about the vacant positions in every department
  • Office wise Sanctioned and Vacancy Position: Every department has one office in each district or Mandal. So this HRMS also maintains the details about the vacancies filled in each office and the available vacancies.
  • Annual Confidential Report(ACR) Pending: it also holds the pending annual confidential reports of the employees of all the departments.

HRMS Haryana Login Banner

How To Apply For Leave Application Using HRMS HARYANA Login?

  1. Open the website
  2. Select your category among the four options given.
  3. Then enter your “User Id” and “Password.”
  4. Now enter the security code and click on login.
  5. After successful login, click on the Home button on the HRMS Haryana Portal.
  6. Then select the necessary checkbox to go forward with a leave application procedure.
  7. Now Enter the number of days of leave required, enter the reason for withdrawal, and then upload the medical documents if the rest is for health issues.
  8. Then apply and wait for the response.

HRMS Haryana Help Desk:

Here are some ways to contact HRMS Haryana Help Desk:

Email: Another option is to email the HRMS Haryana Help Desk. The email address is and can send your queries, complaints, or feedback through this email address.

Website: HRMS Haryana has an official website that provides all the necessary information about their services. You can visit their website at You can also submit your queries or complaints through their online portal.

Physical Address: If you prefer to visit their office in person, you can do so by visiting their physical address at Room No. 305, 3rd Floor, Haryana Civil Secretariat, Sector-1, Chandigarh – 160001.

HRMS Haryana Login –

There is another HRMS Portal in Haryana. It is Intra Haryana. The difference between HRMS Haryana and Intra Haryana is that, HRMS Haryana is used by government officials, and Intra Haryana is used by the government employees of the Haryana state. National Informatics Center develops the website of the human resource management system of Haryana. The Annual Confidential Report is nothing but the evaluation of the quality of the service of a government employee, these include punctuality, sincerity, conduct and discipline in the workplace, eligibility for promotion, employee capability in doing work, and learning new things or technologies necessary for the job.

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