HESCOM Dashboard: Online Bill Payment, Complaint

HESCOM Dashboard Bill Payment: Full form HESCOM is Hubli Electricity Supply Company. HESCOM covers seven districts under its power supply map. They are Dharwad, Haveri, Uttara Kannada, Gadag, Belagavi, Bagalkot, and Vijayapur. The HESCOM power supply covers a total area of 54,513 square kilometers. 

The Hubli Electricity Supply Company operates a website enabling consumers to perform various actions, such as checking their power consumption, reviewing past bills, paying bills, applying for new connections, filing complaints, and obtaining information about power cuts in their area. Consumers can also make power bill payments using any E-Wallet application on their smartphones.

How To Login Into HESCOM Dashboard To Pay Electricity Bill?

  • Open the website https://hescom.karnataka.gov.in to log into the HESCOM dashboard bill payment.
  • Find out “Online Services”. Below the Online services display a set of services the HESCOM website provides.
  • There you can find the option “Online Electricity Bill Payment”. Click on it.
  • Immediately after clicking on it, two options will be displayed on the screen. They are “Online Electricity Bill Payment Option (RAPDRP Towns)” and “Online Electricity Bill Payment Option (Non-RAPDRP)”.
  • You have to choose one among them depending on your locality and its power supply mode.
  • If you choose “Online Electricity Bill Payment (RAPDRP Towns),” it will redirect you to another webpage where you must log in with your account credentials- User ID and Password. Then click on “Sign In”.

HESCOM Dashboard Login

  • Then it will Display the bill amount. Click on pay to make payment. You can pay the power bill with a credit card, debit card, net banking, or E-wallets. A receipt will be provided. Save it for future use. You can also make a quick payment if you do not want to log in.
  • If you choose “Online Electricity Bill Payment (Non-RAPDRP),” it will redirect you to another webpage where you will be asked to enter your consumer ID. Then click on pay. Payment can be made using a credit card, debit card, net banking, or E-Wallets. After making a payment receipt will be displayed. Save it for future use. 

How To Register Into HESCOM Dashboard Bill Payment?

Having an account on the HESCOM dashboard is useful to the consumer in many ways. It is not only helpful in bill payment but can also be used to view the bill amount and the history of previous month’s bills, file a complaint against the power supply problems, etc.,

  1. Open the website https://gescom.karnataka.gov.in 
  2. Then click on “Online Services”.
  3. Now click on “Online Electricity Bill Payment”.
  4. Then it will display four options. click on “Online Electricity Bill Payment(RAPDRP Towns)”. It will open a webpage asking you to log in. Below that, you can find an option “New User? Click Here to Register”. Click on it.

HESCOM Dashboard Bill Payment Registration

  1. Then it will ask you to enter the “Account Id”. You can find the account id of your connection on the power bill receipt. 
  2. Now it will ask you for more details, enter them and submit. Then your account will be registered.

HESCOM Power Bill Payment Offline:

Paying the power bill is the oldest method of paying bills. Visiting the office and paying the power bill takes a lot of time and energy. To save time and energy, people are adopting new techniques for paying the bill. Even though the technology is improving, some people who are unaware of the technology will go to the office and pay the power bill offline.

  1. For this procedure, the consumer must approach the HESCOM center.
  2. Consumers must carry the power bill to show their consumer id and the bill amount.
  3. Then, for payment, the consumer can use their credit card, debit card, demand draft, cheque, or cash.
  4. A receipt will be given to the consumer after the completion of the payment. Keep it safe for future use.

HESCOM Power Bill Payment on GooglePay:

To pay the bill over the GooglePay application, you must have installed the application on your smartphone.

  1. Open the application on your mobile phone and log in using the mobile number linked to your bank account.
  2. Then search for “Bills, Recharges, and more”.
  3. Below that, you can find different types of services. Find “Electricity” in them and click on it.
  4. Then search for the biller “Hubli Electricity(HESCOM)”.
  5. If you have not linked your account with your google pay, it will ask you to give your account id, which you can find on your power bill.
  6. After linking the power connection account id with your google pay account will display the bill amount you must pay. 
  7. Then click on Proceed and enter the UPI PIN to complete the payment.
  8. A message will appear showing the payment is successful, and a transaction id will be generated for future use.

How To Apply New Electricity Meter Connection Using HESCOM Dashboard?

The people constructing a new house must apply for a new power supply connection. If you are applying for a new HESCOM Power connection using the Hubli Power Dashboard, then follow the below procedure:

  1. Open the official website of HESCOM “https://hescom.karnataka.gov.in”, to go to its dashboard.
  2. Search for “Online Services”.
  3. There is the list of services you will find “Apply for New Connection”. Click on it.
  4. Then it will show two options you have to select among them depending on the type of area your house is located.

HESCOM Dashboard New Connection

  1. It will take you to another webpage, then find “Apply Online,” where you can find several online services below it.
  2. Click on “New connection”. An application will be displayed fill in all the mandatory details and upload the necessary documents and then click on submit.
  3. You will get a notification about the acceptance of the application after the submission.
  4. After a few days, you will get a confirmation about the power supply connection.

HESCOM Dashboard Help Line – https://hescom.karnataka.gov.in/:

HESCOM Dashboard Customer Care Help Line

HESCOM emerged from Karnataka Electricity Board. It started its activities in June in the year 2002. HESCOM is one of the four electricity supply companies in Karnataka. Hubli Power Supply Company currently has 14 million consumers. The head office of HESCOM is in Hubli.

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