Mahakosh Sevarth User Guide: Payment Slip, Attendance

Mahakosh Sevarth: This website belongs to the Government of Maharashtra. More than 19 lakh government employees are working under the government of Maharashtra. This website is developed to digitalize the operational activities of various offices and departments of Government in the state of Maharashtra. This website can be called an integrated system and consists of 5 modules where each module takes care of particular activities. They are Payroll, Niwruttivetanwahini(Pension), DCPS & NPS, GPF Group-D, Loans, and Advances. Along with these 5 modules, the website also handles budget estimation, allocation, and monitoring systems to load and save the expenditures for salaries and pensions.

Mahakosh Sevarth First Time Login:

A considerable workforce operates under the Maharashtra government, making manual tasks cumbersome. To streamline financial processes for government and employee-related activities, an official website,, was developed. The login procedure is outlined below:

  1. Open the Official website of Sevaarth Mahakosh-
  2. It will display the Main page of the website on the screen. You can see the login section on the right side of the webpage.

Mahakosh Sevarth Login

  1. Enter the Username and password.
  2. The username is formed by
  3. The Default password to be used for the first time login by the employees is ‘ifms123’
  4. Then enter the security code or the Captch generated by the system and click on the “Submit” button.
  5. Then you will be taken to your profile on the Mahakosh Sevarth website and use its services.

Sevaarth Mahakosh Password Regeneration:

  1. Open the website
  2. It will take you to the main page of the website.
  3. You can see the login section on the right side of the webpage.
  4. If you forget your account’s password on the website, click on the “Forgot Password?” which you can find at the bottom of the login section.

Sevaarth Mahakosh Password Reset

  1. Then it will take you to another small window asking you to enter your username.
  2. Enter the username and select “Reset Password”.
  3. This step will allow the system to send an OTP to the mobile number which the employee gave during the time of registration process.
  4. Enter the OTP received on your mobile number in the given space. This will let you create a new password for your account.
  5. After creating a new password, log in to the Mahakosh Sevarth website account with your new password.

Mahakosh Sevarth Payslip Download:

There are many services related to finance provided by Sevaarth Mahakosh’s website. One among them is employee payslips. It can help the employees to view the payslip, but they need to log in to the website. It also allows downloading the required payslip to the computer and printing off a copy of the pay slip for any purpose. So let us see the procedure to view the payslip on the website:

  1. Open the website of Sevaartha Mahakosh-
  2. Then log in to your account on the website with your employee credentials-UserId and Password.
  3. Now it will display a webpage where you can see the options on the top of the page with the map of Maharashtra.
  4. There is the option you can see “Employee Corner”. Click on it.
  5. It will drop down a list of services like GOF Slip, View Payslip, View NGR Scheduled, View Loan Details Statement, view DCPS R3 Reports, etc.,
  6. Select View “Payslip”. Then it will ask you to select the month and year you want to get the payslip view or download. Select the year and month and click on “View Payslip”

Mahakosh Sevarth Payment Slip Download

  1. It will display the payslip of the particular month you selected.
  2. It also displays three options below the payslip. They are printed, close, and saved.
  3. You can save the payslip to your system by clicking on the ‘Save’ option and selecting the location to save the payslip on your personal computer.
  4. You can print the Payslip by clicking on the option “Print”. It will alert the printer connected to your system to make a printed copy of the payslip.
  5. To go back and open another pay slip, click on “Close” and repeat the procedure.

Sevaarth Mahakosh Benefits and Services Provided to Employees:

The Mahakosh Sevarth is an integrated technology or a system that takes care of many activities related to the government and the activities of the departments and offices working under the government of Maharashtra. Some of the benefits and services provided by Mahakosh Sevarth are as follows:

  • Estimation of budget, allocation of budget, monitoring the allocated budget.
  • Government Receipt and Accounting System
  • Employee payroll package
  • Defined Contribution Pension Scheme
  • Old Age Pension Scheme
  • Pay Verification Unit
  • Service Book Status
  • Management Information System for Expenditure and Receipts
  • Management System for Treasury Net 

Mahakosh Sevarth –

Upon registration on the Sevaarth Mahakosh website, every new employee is provided with a password and a default password. The default password, ‘ifms123’, remains the same for all employees. To gain access to the website, employees must log in using these credentials and then proceed to change their passwords. The username consists of seven characters and four digits. The character portion of the username is derived from combining the department code, first letters of the employee’s first, middle, and last names, as well as the initial letter of their gender. On the other hand, the number part is based on their date of birth. Consequently, each employee will have a unique username assigned to them.

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