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SBI HRMS Login: The full form of SBI is “State Bank of India,” and the full form of HRMS is Human Resource Management System. SBI HRMS Portal is a web portal started by the management of the State Bank of India. Every employee and every pensioner of the State Bank of India can use it. In addition, SBI HRMS has developed both a web portal and a mobile application to facilitate the employees more easily and save time. 

All the services provided over the web portal and the mobile application are similar. The main aim of this technology is to provide all the services equally to all the employees and provide the result in less time. 

How To Access SBI HRMS Login Portal: 

  • Open the web portal of SBI HRMS-
  • You can find the Login option on the top and right side corners of the home page of the SBI HRMS Portal. Click on it.

SBI HRMS Login Banner

  • Then you will be redirected to the login page of that portal.
  • Then it will ask you to enter your credential in the portal. They are the User ID and Password, and then enter the security code in the given place.

SBI HRMS Login Page

  • After filling in the credentials correctly, click on the Login button.
  • Then you will be taken to your profile on the SBI HRMS Portal.

Services Provided On SBI HRMS Login Portal:

  • It provides the list of holidays provided by the bank for that financial year.
  • It provides a medium for the employee, the employer, or the superior to submit a leave application. In the same way, it also provides the medium for the reply for the leave application. It also includes information about the status of leave application, the number of leaves offered for a year per employee, remaining leaves after using some leaves, and details about the loss of pay.
  • It will allow the employees to view and download their salary slips.
  • It allows the pensioners to view and download their Pension slips.
  • It provides information about salary increments, transfers, and promotions given to employees.

SBI HRMS Web Dashboard

  • It helps the employee plan for a tour by providing information about the leaves and travel concessions the bank offers.
  • It provides information about reimbursements if the employee is to be sanctioned with any.
  • It provides information about the upcoming events of the State Bank of India.
  • It provides information about the performances of the employees.
  • It also provides information about the reward and awards given to the employees.

SBI HRMS Mobile Application:

There is a more convenient procedure to use the SBI HRMS. It is an application that is developed especially for smartphones. This makes the employees more flexible in using all the services provided by SBI HRMS online. This makes all the activities easy and can be done in less time. Now let us see the procedure to download, install and register for the SBI HRMS Mobile application.

  • The official mobile application of SBI HRMS is “MyHRMS.”
  • Open the Google Play Store, find the MyHRMS application, and download it.
  • Install the application on your mobile.

SBI HRMS Mobile App Login

  • Log in to the application with the username and password.
  • Then Link your mobile number with the mobile application by adding your number and entering the OTP received on your mobile for confirmation.
  • After linking the mobile number, the employee can use the services over the mobile application in the same way as using the services on the web portal of SBI HRMS.

Services Of SBI MyHRMS Mobile App:

The MyHRMS mobile application is similar to SBI HRMS Portal, where all services are identical. The difference is nothing but the device in which the technology is used. The mobile application’s benefit is that it can be accessed anytime and anywhere. It provides instant notifications of all the activities of the SBI HRMS. Some of such features provided on the mobile application are as follows:

Leave: It provides a medium for the employees to submit the leave application; it displays information about the number of leaves offered, the number of leaves available, the status of the leave application, etc.,

Tour: It provides suggestions for subsidies to the employees to go on time and the leaves they can access.

Reimbursement: It provides information about the eligibility of reimbursements for the employees that they spent on their work.

Rewards and Recognition: It also displayed notifications about the Rewards and Recognition that an employee gains by performing well.

SBI HRMS Mobile App Dashboard

SBI Events: The upcoming events or special occasions celebrated in the workplace by the organization are intimated on the application

Miscellaneous: It also provides information about the miscellaneous charges over the employees of the organization.

Eligibility To Access SBI HRMS Login Portal:

All the employees of the organization of State Bank of India can use the services of the SBI HRMS web Portal and MyHRMS mobile application. But to tell in particular following are the types of employees who can use the web portal and mobile application: 

  • The employees under the State Bank of India are currently in service.
  • Retired employees of State Bank of Bank.
  • The Employers or the administration team members.
  • The Employees who were appointed for allied posts.

SBI HRMS Login –

In 2017, the State Bank of India started the web portal ‘SBI HRMS’ for employees and Pensioners, with the Head Quarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Initially, there was only one bank under the organization. Later on, 7 other state banks came and merged into the organization of the State Bank of India. They are the State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of Indore, State Bank of Mysore, State Bank of Patiala, State Bank of Saurashtra, and State Bank of Travancore. Now all the employees of the banks mentioned above will come under the organization of the State Bank of India, and all those can use the HRMS SBI web Portal services.

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