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iHRMS Punjab Login: IHRMS means Integrated Human Resource Management. For many years the government has been taking care of its employees in many ways. As the number of government employees increases daily and the technology improvement leads them to create their web portal, the official web portal for HRMS Punjab is https://hrms.punjab.gov.in. A mobile application is also developed to provide ease to all government employees. 

There are approximately 4 lakh employees and 1.5 lakh pensioners in Punjab. Employees or any Pensioner can use the HRMS Punjab Web portal or HRMS Punjab Mobile Application to utilize their services. The Government of Punjab also uses the website to access information about its employees of Punjab.

How To Login Into iHRMS Punjab Portal?

In the present era, all government institutions are establishing an online presence to ensure convenient access to their services for employees both in the workplace and on their computers. This initiative aims to eliminate the time and effort wasted by employees visiting their superiors’ offices for various matters such as obtaining salary slips, submitting leave applications, receiving promotion orders, accessing pension details, communicating with fellow colleagues through dedicated channels, lodging complaints, generating reports, and uploading necessary documents.

  1. Open the official website of HRMS Punjab https://hrms.punjab.gov.in
  2. There it displayed two options. One is “Authorised Login” and “Demo Login.”
  3. Click on “Authorised login.”

iHRMS Punjab Login Page

  1. Then Enter the “User Id” and “Password.”
  2. Now enter the captcha and click on “Login.”
  3. Then it will take you to your employee profile on the IHRMS Punjab.

iHRMS Punjab Login Benefits 1

Services Offered By iHRMS Punjab:

  • Employee Records: The HRMS of Punjab maintains all the details of every employee that works for the government of Punjab.
  • Salary: It holds the salary and pension details of all the employees working for the Punjab government.
  • GPF(General Provident Fund): This is part of the salary that has been kept aside for future use, particularly for government employees.

iHRMS Punjab Benfits 2

  • GIS: It is the Group Insurance Scheme provided for the welfare of the government employees of Punjab.
  • Leaves: This portal provides a medium to send leave applications to their superiors. It also provides information about the number of leaves given to an employee for a year, the number of leaves available after using some leaves, and the number of holidays provided to the employees.
  • Income Tax Information: It holds the information about the tax the state government employees paid.
  • Property Returns: This is the procedure of making the employees report the assets and liabilities they own and their annual income received on those properties. 
  • Annual Confidential Progress: A yearly report of the employee’s performance, conduct, and qualities at the workplace.
  • Posting: Details regarding allotting the work location to the employee during the joining time and transfers.
  • Promotion: Reports of promotions and eligibility criteria required for an employee to get a promotion are displayed on the web portal.
  • Arrears Management: The arrears are given to the employees a few times. Notices are given about the upcoming arrears on the web portal and mobile application. 

iHRMS Punjab Benfits 3

Employee Benefits Of iHRMS Punjab Login:

  • The information on the website or the mobile application is Easily accessible.
  • It saves the time needed to travel to other offices for different situations like leave applications, salary slips, complaints, work reports, etc.,
  • It saves the Cost of travelling or the stationery required for the paper works. 
  • Transparency of all the issues that happen in the department office. It means all the issues are notified on the website for the knowledge of the employees of the Punjab government.
  • Accountability of the government 
  • Paperless Work Environment: All types of reports can be uploaded or downloaded to and from the web portal.
  • A better Communication medium is provided between all the departments and the employees, facilitating information transformation.

i-HRMS.Punjab.Gov.In Mobile Application:

Punjab’s Human Resource Management System also had a mobile application and web portal. It provides all the services that are provided on the web portal. This mobile application of HRMS Punjab is “iHRMS-Punjab.” The procedure for downloading and installing, and logging into the Mobile application is as follows:

  1. Open the google play store on your Mobile.
  2. Then enter the HRMS Punjab mobile application name in the search box, i.e., “iHRMS-Punjab,” and click ok on the search tool.
  3. Then the application will be displayed on the top. Click on it. A list of applications will appear. Select the first application with the name “iHRMS-Punjab.” 
  4. It will display all the application details and an “Install” option. Click on the install option to get the application onto your Mobile.
  5. Now open the iHRMS-Punjab application.

iHRMS Punjab Login Mobile

  1. Link your mobile number to the application and then register on the application with your employee id. 
  2. Create the credentials to log in to the iHRMS-Punjab mobile application.
  3. Then log in to the application to use it anytime and anywhere.

Benefits To Government By iHRMS Punjab Login:

  • Efficiency of Administration
  • Reduced Cost
  • Access to Information
  • Data Analysis and Informed Decisions
  • Improved communication
  • Security and Disaster Recovery

iHRMS Punjab Benfits 4

iHRMS Punjab Login – https://ihrms.punjab.gov.in/:

The National Informatics Center of Punjab develops the HRMS Punjab Web portal. Any government employee of Public sector Undertakings, board offices, corporations, and many other government offices of Punjab can access this web portal. It covers 47 administrative departments, over 200 government entities, and 300 field-level offices in Punjab. The most important feature of this web portal is- 

  • It helps the Punjab government to maintain the information of its employees in a better way.
  • It helps to establish a proper channel to provide communication between the employees.
  • It helps to manage all the financial transactions of employees, like salaries and manages all the other hr functions without any flaws.

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