KPSC Thulasi My Profile Page – OTR Form Filling Guide

KPSC Thulasi Login: KPSC Thulasi conducts recruitment for civil service jobs in Kerala on behalf of the government. It selects candidates for various government jobs in Kerala, including civil service and administrative positions in different departments. Enlistment and determination of contenders for different government occupations in the state through composed assessments, interviews, and other choice techniques. Prompting the public authority on issues connected with the plan of enrollment rules, strategies for determination, and other related issues. Leading different departmental tests and advancements for government representatives.

The KPSC Thulasi has a Director and individuals designated by the Legislative head of Kerala. The Director and members hold office for six years or until they turn 60, whichever comes first. The commission likewise has a Secretary who is answerable for the organization of the commission. KPSC Thulasi holds annual recruitment exams. Candidates can apply through the OTR system on the commission’s website. The OTR framework permits the possibility to enroll once and apply for various tests led by the KPSC Thulasi.

The commission also publishes job vacancy notifications, exam schedules, and results on its website. It operates regional offices in various state regions to facilitate the recruitment process and address candidate complaints. KPSC Thulasi plays a crucial role in recruiting qualified candidates for various government positions in Kerala. The streamlined selection process ensures the effective functioning of the state’s administration by selecting deserving candidates.

How To Register Into KPSC Thulasi Login Portal?

Registration is important in accessing any portal and using its facilities and services. The registration process for Kerala PSC is simple; follow the steps below to register yourself on the KPSC Thulasi portal.

  • Open the official site of Kerala PSC. You will be taken to the home page of Kerala PSC.
  • On the home page, you will see the menu of Registered User Login; under that, the user will see an option of “New Registration”

KPSC Thulasi Login Window

  • Click on that option to register yourself, and a registration form will appear on the new page.
  • At this point, the portal will ask you to submit your details to begin the registration process.
  • If you are filling in for yourselves, you must enter your Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, Religion, Cate, Reservation group, ID proof, ID proof details, Adhar Number and Mobile number.

KPSC Thulasi New Registration

  • In the next step, you must create a user and Password for your Kerala Thulasi PSC account to make a login in the future. It is advised to remember/or note down these credentials for further use. (You will get an SMS with your KPSC Login Credentials).
  • As the last step, fill in the access code and tick mark the declaration to declare the form submission.
  • Click on the “Register” button to complete their registration.
  • Now you will get a “Congratulations” note, and you can see a “Login” button used for logging into your Kerala Thulasi PSC Account and completing your KPSC My Profile page. 

KPSC Thulasi Registration Congratulations

How To Log Into KPSC Thulasi My Profile Login?

Are you looking for a career in Kerala Govt Service? The Kerala Public Service Commission (Kerala PSC) has made it simpler for candidates to apply for opportunities through their web-based portal, Thulasi. With only a few snaps, you can make your profile and present your application for different positions. Here, we’ll direct you through the method involved with making a record of Kerala PSC’s Thulassi stage and how to utilize it. Follow the beneath moves toward apply.

To login to your account on the portal of Kerala PSC, follow the steps given below:

  • Turn On your system and connect it to a good network.
  • Search Kerala PSC on your browser and open the site.
  • As you open the official site of Kerala PSC, you will be taken to the next page, and the home page of Kerala PSC will appear on your screen.
  • On the home page, you will see the menu of Registered User Login.
  • The portal will ask you to enter your “User ID” and “password” you created when registering your account. 

KPSC Thulasi Login Window

  • After entering the correct ID and Password, the user is asked to fill in the access code in the provided space.
  • The access code is present on the same screen.
  • Once all the details are correctly filled, the user must click the “Login” button.
  • The user will be logged into his account and directed to the next page.
  • The user will be able to access all the services provided by the portal

KPSC Thulasi OTR: How To Fill KPSC Thulasi Login My Profile Page?

Every year Kerala PSC releases multiple job notifications. And you may end up meeting eligibility for many job postings. So usually, you must fill out the individual application forms for every posting you wish to apply. This is a bit hectic for you and for the KPSC Thulasi to maintain multiple records of the same candidate for multiple jobs. 

To make things easy for everyone, KPSC Thulasi came up with a solution i.e., One Time Registration. With the KPSC Thulasi Login, you can create a My Profile page to fill in all your details in a single application form. And this KPSC Thulasi application form is used for as many job applications as you wish to apply.

So let’s see how to fill KPSC Thulasi Login My Profile Page:

  • Visit the Official Website of the Kerala Public Service Commission i.e., Kerala Thulasi. 
  • Go to the login window on the home page’s right side and enter your KPSC Thulasi Login Credentials.
  • Enter the access code and click the “Login” button to log into your KPSC Thulasi Profile.
  • The system will ask you to enter your Personal details, Communication details, photo, and signature, as shown in the below image.

KPSC Thulasi OTR Registration

  • As this is an OTR, you should accurately fill in all the details in the job application form for job notifications that might be released on KPSC Thulasi.
  • Then, you need to upload the digital copy of their photograph and signature in the required dimensions.
Photo & Signature Upload:

KPSC Thulasi Registartion Photo Upload

  • The photograph should be 150 x 200 pixels, with a maximum size of 30 Kb. The photograph should be in the front facial pose style with a visible face, and the background should be in a light shade. Candidates can use the paint or any other photo editing software to adjust the image size.
  • The Signature size should be 150 x 200 pixels, with a maximum size of 30 Kb.
  • Finally, preview and verify all the details that you entered.
  • Once every detail is ready, click on the “Submit” button to complete your One Time Registration of KPSC Thulasi i.e., your My Profile page. 

From now on, wherever you wish to apply for a Job released in the KPSC Thulasi Login portal, you can use this Time Registration (OTR). 

How The Launch Of KPSC Thulasi Helped Job Seekers?

The KPSC provides a fair and merit-based system for hiring candidates for government jobs in Kerala. Established in 1956, it has conducted numerous tests and hired many candidates for government posts. They are known for conducting a fair and transparent recruitment process, which brings the best candidates to various government jobs in Kerala.

The send-off of the One Time Registration (OTR) framework has also improved the application cycle for work wannabes. It has likewise made it more straightforward for the KPSC to direct tests and select applicants effectively. The OTR framework has fundamentally decreased the time and exertion expected for topping off application shapes and applying for various tests.

KPSC has been effective in its main goal of guaranteeing a fair and straightforward enrollment process for government occupations in Kerala. The commission assumes a significant part in choosing the best contender for different government posts. And maintaining the standards of legitimacy and straightforwardness in the enlistment cycle.

KPSC Thulasi Login –

In conclusion, the Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC) Thulasi has been beneficial for the whole population of Kerala in various ways. The KPSC Thulasi arranges tests and enrols applicants for different government jobs in the state, allowing for job openings for people of Kerala, especially young people. The KPSC Thulasi follows a fair and merit-based system when selecting potential for government jobs. Taking a written test and interview has helped to ensure the selection of the most qualified and deserving candidates based on their performance. The KPSC Thulasi website offers information about job prospects, test timetables, study materials, and other relevant data. This has made it easier for the public to access data about government jobs and prepare for the tests. The KPSC Thulasi’s straightforward recruitment procedure has helped to prevent corruption and nepotism when choosing contenders for government jobs.

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