Apply for New Connection or Disconnection of water in Amravati Municipal Corporation

New Water Connection or Disconnection in Amravati Municipal Corporation: If you are constructing a new building in the Municipal Corporation of Amravati, then for sure, you need a new water connection. It is mandated to have the water meter in Amravati Municipal Corporation. So, the monthly water bills will be calculated per your water consumption, calculated using these meters. Some areas under Amravati Municipal Corporation don’t need the water meter, as they might have their own Water Supply.

Amravati Water Board Banner For New Connection or Disconnection of Water Service

With approval from Amravati authorities, individuals have the option to install new water sources through water bores. Removal of existing water meters exempts one from using a water meter. This article provides guidance on applying for new water connections and disconnections within the Amravati Municipal area. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the procedures before seeking any water-related services.

Apply for a New Connection of water in Amravati Municipal Corporation, at Office

In Amaravati, house owners to apply new water connection from Amaravati Municipal Corporation by following the below simple steps:

  •   Firstly, go to the office of the Municipal Corporation in Amaravati
  •   Then, find the branch of water works and consult the in charge of the waterworks branch in your respective municipal office area.
  •   Discuss with the particular person regarding the new water connection in detail.
  •   Once you get the explanation for the connection, take the manual application form for a new connection.
  •   Read the specifications, fill in the details in the application form, and attach the required documents.
  •   Before applying, check all the details in the application form and submit them to the respective branch.
  •   The Municipal Corporation will explain how to follow the next steps and probably inform further details.
  •   If the authority suggests paying any details, you must complete the process as Municipal Corporation indicates.
  •   After receiving the application, the branch Manager will check internally and verify all the filled details.
  •   The authority will inform you if additional requirements are needed for the water connection.
  •   After completing all the requirements mentioned by Amravati Municipal Corporation, the authority will check your building particulars manually.
  •   All the documents are satisfied by the authority and completed all the criteria, then the Amravati Municipal Corporation will issue the new water connection.

New Connection of water in Amravati Municipal Corporation

In this busy schedule, many members didn’t have time to visit Amravati Municipal Corporation and carry all the required documents. For those facing those issues, those online options are also available in Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran. To apply for a new water connection online, follow the steps below. It is more convenient compared with offline.

  •   Go to the Amravati Municipal Corporation’s official website,
  •   Check for the new water connection option and click on the provided link
  •   Then, you can select the area of your current location from a Map provided by the Municipal Corporation. In this, you can select the menu option “DIRECTORY” > “PUBLIC FACILITIES” to get the contact of Amravati Municipal Corporation.
  •   Open the site based on your area and check for details to apply the new water connection.
  •   Select the application form link, open it and read the instructions to fill out the form.
  •   Fill in all the details required for the new connection and check for the attached documents if necessary.
  •   Check for the amount to pay for the connection; it’s mandatory for all new connections as per government rules.
  •   Complete the payment options available online and check for any additional needs.
  •   After completing all the details, you will get an acknowledgement for further reference; note it down for future use.
  •   Then, the authority will check and proceed with further verification.
  •   After completing all the inspections, you will get a new water connection from Amravati Municipal Corporation.

New water Connection in Amravati Municipal Corporation, Apply in Aaple Sarkar Application.

Following the steps below, you can also apply the new water connection through Aaplesarkar Application.

  • The first step is to have an account in Aaple Sarkar App Open.
  • If you’re a new user, download the app and create an account by entering sign up, then enter a username and password.

Apply BPL Amravati Aaple Sarkar Login Page

  • Then log in with your details, go to the Amaravati State and check for Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran.
  • By opening Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran, check for a new water connection and click on this option.

Amravati Water Connection AapleSarkar

  • Don’t forget to select your district or the map provided by the Aaple Sarkar App.
  • Then check for the application form and download it to read and fill in the required information.
  • Check for enlistment documents and upload all required documents and payment to proceed.
  •  After completing all the details successfully, you will get an acknowledgement for further reference.
  • Then the authority will verify the application, and they will check for further inspection.
  •  You can get your new connection within the provided time if the application meets all the criteria.

New Connection of water in Amravati Municipal Corporation, Necessary Documents

  •   Form of application
  •   Identity proof example Aadhaar card, Pan Card
  •   Passport size Photocopies
  •   Building Registration Xerox copies
  •   Ownership of the building documents copies
  •   Receipt of house tax
  •   No objection document form from the required department
  •   The structure of the building to check the water connection site

How to Apply for Disconnection of Water Connection in Amravati Municipal Corporation?

Reading this entire article is the same as the procedure to disconnect (disconnection) your water connection in Amravati temporally or permanently. But the only difference, instead of selecting a new connection, you should select disconnection of service. Read carefully and follow each step.

For any further clarification, you can visit the official website. If you have doubts regarding the new water connection, online application form, or how much to pay, all the doubts were resolved by calling the Citizen Contact Centre – from 8:00 AM to 8:00. You can also register a complaint from here.

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